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Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

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Strangely I’m more comfortable sharing parts about my personal life and my personality then sharing pictures of my clothes. Why? I have no idea. I love the clothes I wear. I wouldn’t buy something if I didn’t feel comfortable and confident in it. So why am I nervous about sharing part of my winter wardrobe with you all? Who knows.

If you follow me on Pinterest then you’ll know I’ve been searching for some inspiration for my winter wardrobe for the last couple of months. Finally I got my friend to come shopping with me, normally I hate shopping with people, but he (yes he) shocked me. He knew exactly the look I was trying to achieve and in my non gramitcly correct attempts to explain the types of clothing I wanted, he actually understood me. He’s just that kinda friend.

So anyway, instead of hiding behind my fear of critical comments and people laughing at me, I’m going to put myself and my wardrobe out there. Here goes.

Outfit 1.

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I’ve had this skirt for about two years… Why throw away old clothes when they’re still in pretty good nick. I’ve had this top for about the same amount of time but have never really thought about putting the two together until now. The other day I was having a major girly day and pulled the whole of my wardrobe out and started to play dress up. That is where this gorgeous combo came together. Check out the links below (Originally the top was from Topshop but this beauty from Forever 21 is practically identical)

Skirt: Forever 21 

Top: Forever 21

Outfit 2.

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I umed and arred about this skirt for ages, but finally decided to press BUY NOW on eBay and just go for it. Yes more than half of this outfit is from eBay and y’know what I’m not ashamed to share that fact. Its the best online shop in my opinion. As for the boots, well, how can you go through the winter months without having at least one pair of these bad boys in your wardrobe? Rhetorical question.. You just can’t.

Skirt: etrackonline on eBay

Boots: Fashionthirsty on eBay 

Outfit 3.

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Outfit three is my day time,shopping/coffee with friends/watching Jack play football look. Again half this outfit I’ve owned for years now, the shoes I brought in Paris from Zara when I was there over 4 years ago now, seriously how quickly does time go when you’re an adult?! But they are still one of my favourite pairs of shoes. The jeans are also from Zara from a while back now, but I expect you can find them in either Forever 21, Misguided maybe ASOS. The top and hat are newbies to my wardrobe and have paired up quite nicely with a couple of my old items.

Top: H&M

Hat: Forever 21



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Ok so this outfit is THE cosiest outfit in my winter wardrobe at the moment. I’ve always loved the boyfriend jeans but whenever I try them on they never fit right, they just cling to my thighs and look like I’ve brought them from baby gap. The top is from H&M. It’s simply warm and hugs all my right areas (on a good day obviously). I’ve got two looks for this outfit one with some peep toe heels, just to add a bit of SAS to the outfit and one with brogues for the more casual everyday look. See bellow for the variations.

Top: H&M

Jeans: Forever 21

Brogues: TK Maxx

Heels: Newlook

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset







Outfit 5.

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This is another one of my re-vapped outfits. This burgundy dress makes an appearance every winter, I love the colour, how comfortable it is, great for when you’re about to sit down and have a big meal, and its the right length to show off a bit of leg. I used to just wear it with tights and my normal boots or a pair of black ballet pumps but I just thought that was too basic for this winter so decided to pair it with these sassy knee high boots, oversized waterfall Gillet and my obsession for the winter, the grey hat.

Hat: Forever 21

Dress: Ebay

Gillet:  TX Maxx

Outfit 6.

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I’ve fully embraced the blush pink phase.  I love the colour, if I’m honest I wish my whole wardrobe and my house was filled with blush pink and charcoal grey items but y’know the bank account says otherwise. So for now this classy little number will do. I’ve paired this blush pink long sleeved top with a midi black lace skirt and some nude/blush pink midi heels.

Top: H&M

Skirt: Forever 21

Shoes: New Look

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