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Winter Favourites

Winter Favourites

I don’t know about you but the colder months can seriously put a downer on things, dry skin, cold toes, cabin fever and not to mentioning the lack of sunlight just generally making you want to hibernate in bed for months. *Quick side note, why is this not a thing? Why do humans not go into hibernation over winter? It seems to make perfect sense, no?* This year determined to not let that cold weather and dark nights (and days if you live in England) bring my mood down, so I just thought I’d do an update on my Winter favourites.

Let’s talk dry skin for a second. I know, gross right? BUT I feel like everyone gets it from time to time, so stop pretending like your skin is always baby smooth because I can tell you now not even babies have super soft skin ALL the time. *side note seriously wish babies could tell us the secret to their super soft skin*, another side not *seriously need to stop talking about babies so much*. Moving swiftly on, I feel like I have managed to stop that horrid winter weather attacking my skin with a vengeance. I am loving these two products, both aloe vera based so extremely soothing and smell divine! The propolis cream has actually done more for me then just help my skin, this may sound strange but for anyone who has ever suffered or suffers with psoriasis you will understand that it effects your confidence, sometimes even to the point where you won’t wear certain clothes, just so that no one will notice it. Mine was no where near as bad as some peoples but it certainly did effect me. I tried almost everything to get rid of it but nothing ever worked, until I tried the Aloe Propolis Creme, after just 6 weeks of using the cream my psoriasis has basically vanished! I not only use it on my dry patches but I use it on my face at night too as its great to revive your skin during your sleep. You can buy this here >> Link <<



More often then not its not just our skin that has the life sucked out of it, the Winter weather comes for our hair too. This is beginning to sound like I hate Winter, believe me I don’t if you haven’t already check out my “10 reasons I’m excited about Winter post”. but, I must admit the weather does nothing for my hair and skin. I guess in the last year I’ve been taking better care of my hair and skin, making sure I moisturise daily and get my hair cut regularly. Along with this comes with exploring lots of new products, isn’t life a drag (SERIOUSLY JOKING! WHAT MORE COULD YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE?), sometimes it takes months even years before you find your favourite products luckily I have stumbled across my favourite shampoo and conditioner sooner then I thought. This shampoo and conditioner leaves my hair feeling super soft and fresh, I love leaving the conditioner on that little bit longer especially if I’m having a long soak in the bath, after I feel like I have a whole new head of hair its lovely!!!


What lady is complete with out a sexy smelling perfume? Yes thats right I just referred to myself as a lady! Why not? I have a kick ass flat, run my own business and have some amazing friends, surely that is what qualifies as a lady. If its more to do with making sure you never fart around your partner and only eat 3 raisins for lunch then maybe I need to re-think this whole “lady” reference. Anyway, I truly believe that every woman should carry at lease some type ofpurfume around with them, for me its has to be the abpsolute classic Chanel, coco moiselle. I love the pocket bottle it comes in and if you buy it in the pack you get two more re-fills which I ovbiously love, makes you feel like you’re getting a freebie! You don’t need alot of it either as its such a devine smell, which ofcourse means its a bargain!, yes here we go again with the bargains but here me out, for £76 at boots *buy here* which lasts me around a year equals to £6.30 per month, now thats a price I like when it comes to smelling like a lady. It

Just one last added favourite before I finish this post, as I said before I do love Winter, not for the curse of the dry skin, lifeless hair and cold toes but mainly because of the un-healthy amount of hot chocolates I consume, the cosy nights in and ofcourse the beautiful christmas decorations. This year I had my Mum and step Dad round for a Sunday roast and to decorate our Christmas tree. It was a lovely cosy christmas afternoon that I defiantly won’t be forgetting in a hurry! Family time is definatly my favourite part of Christmas, as well as getting to place my sassy little shoe decoration on my tree.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


This definatly won’t be my last post before Christmas, and I’ve got loads of exciting new content for you lovely lot coming to you in the New Year so whatch this space, but just becasue I love Christmas so much.

H A P P Y   C H R I S T M A S !!

Ta-ra for now





  1. Milenka Millie December 19, 2016 / 9:30 pm

    Chanel perfume is so dreamy. Your day with your mum and step dad sounds so perfect – there’s nothing better than a Sunday roast and decorating the tree with family! Love your photos as well! xx

    • Holly
      January 5, 2017 / 9:32 am

      I love Chanel perfume, this is by far my favourite though. Family time is my favourite type of time x

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