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Wholemeal pizza recipe

Wholemeal pizza recipe


Pizza has to be my favorite meal. If I could have pizza every day I’d be living the dream. But you know, its obviously not the healthiest of meals. Darn you Italians.

For ages I’ve been looking for the perfect healthy alternative to those favorites. Y’know dominoes, pizza hut and tops pizza. I’ve tried making gluten free bases, but its just not the same (no offence gluten free lovers). So one day I was on the BBC good food website and spotted a wholemeal pizza base recipe. SAVED MY SOUL.

I can honestly say it is the best pizza base I have ever made.


500g Wholemeal flour

25g Butter/Margarine

2tsp salt

13g dried yeast (or a sache)

250ml tepid water

1tbsp Olive oil (my added ingredient)


First you want to get a fairly large bowl and tip in your flour.


Next you want to put in your butter. I advise you cut it up into small chunks so its spread through out the flour evenly. Once you’ve put your butter in with your flour you want to rub it together using your thumb and two fingers.


After you’ve mixed you butter with your flour, poor the dried yeast into the 250ml of tepid water and give it a good stir until the yeast has dissolved.

Poor the water into your flour mix and fold together with a wooden spoon. After a while you will notice the mixture becomes difficult to fold with a spoon, this is the part when you want to make sure you have you apron ready and your sleeves well and truly rolled up. Its time to get messy.


Kneed the dough using your hands for about 5 minutes. If you feel like you dough is not coming together then add a tbsp of olive oil. Once you’ve finished you should be left with a ball like shape of pizza dough.

Next you want to get a tea towel and lightly run it under lukewarm water. Place the tea towel over the the bowl with your dough in it and place in a warm dry place and leave it for about 30 minutes. The longer you leave it the more it will rise. If you fancy a deep pan pizza I would leave it for around a hour if you’re wanting a thin crust pizza then 20-30 minutes is more then enough.


Now its time to get creative. Roll your dough out in any shape you fancy, heart, circle, square, oval whatever floats your boat.


To top it off, pardon the pun, place whatever toppings you wish onto your delicious pizza base. I’ve just gone for a normal tomato base using tomato purée adding cheese, pepperoni, falafel, cooked chunky ham and topping it off with a bit of rocket.


For a thin crust pizza I would say cook for about 15 minutes for a deep pan give about 20-30 minutes just to make sure the dough is defiantly cooked. I always judge my pizza on what it looks like, I’ve never been brilliant at timing food.

All that’s left is to dig in and enjoy!

Let me know what you think, leave pictures and comments if you try this recipe and share all your crazy shapes and toppings too.

Ta-ra for now



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