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What we can learn from Children

What we can learn from Children

image3Photo by Charlotte Salter 

I’m not sure if many of you know this about me but I used to be a Nursery teacher ‘Early Years Practitioner’ to be precise. I loved it. Unfortunately it doesn’t pay my bills so I had to give it up.

I don’t think I will ever loose that passion for teaching, or caring for children. As much as my job was to teach the children in my care, it was really the other way around. They taught me about a lot myself and life in general.

As much as they scream, shout, make A LOT of noise and get cross because you didn’t let them have a tub of ice cream just before dinner, they can actually make a lot more sense than we would sometimes like to believe.

They see the world through innocent eyes. They haven’t yet learnt to be cynical or treat people differently because of what they look like or where they come from. Children see the world as if they live in never,never land. They seem to be able to answer life’s big questions with such innocence and positivity.

image4Photo By Charlotte Salter 

I’m sure i’m not the only one who has asked themselves or their friends, what is love? No one has honestly given me a straight answer. But when children were asked about “what they think love is” their answers were simple and came so easily to them.

“Helping someone even if you don’t want to” 

“I played with a girl in the playground because she didn’t have anyone else to play with” 

image2Photo By Charlotte Salter

A lot of us wish we could change our appearance in more than one way. But when children were asked “if they could change something about their bodies what would they change“, a lot of the children answered by saying they wished they had “legs like cheaters” or “wings” or “to be able to fly”, don’t we all?! However a couple of the answers made me smile.

“I like my body actually” 

“I don’t think there’s anything to change” 

We all at some point have felt a bit lost, and have asked ourselves “what is our purpose in life?”. I know when I’ve thought about this I’ve over complicated the answer and tried to link it to a job or helping others when really the answer is simple. When children were asked “what is our purpose in life?”, the children answered.

“To make friends”

“To have a nice family”

I decided to write this post as recently a little boy wrote to president Obama to ask if he could send the Syrian boy, who was pulled from some rubble in the regime airstrike in Aleppo, to their home to live with them. For a six year old boy to be so compassionate and kind, something we all had in us at one point but seem to have lost it along the way, makes me question why more of us are not like this? How have we become so cynical, unkind and judgmental? How have we made life so complicated when in fact it could be so simple.

image5Photo by Charlotte Salter 

I believe we can learn a lot from children:

We can should be more kind.

We can should be less cynical.

We can should accept ourselves.

We can should accept others.

We can should be more grateful.

We should have more fun.

I hope whoever reads this is able to just take a moment and think about something they can do more of or simplify in their lives, because in fact, life isn’t as complicated as we make out. Yes, we have to go to work and we have to do the washing up, ugh the bane of my life! pay bills and all the other adult rubbish we have to do but a lot of us are lucky enough to have a lot of good things in our lives. So be grateful and make time to enjoy those things.

Ta-ra for now


P.s. please take 2 minutes to watch the video below.

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