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#Week1 of becoming mum

#Week1 of becoming mum


I decided to create a becoming mum page on my blog for all of you that are interested in everything mum life. This is a whole new chapter in my life and I feel it really wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t share it with you.


If this kind of chat isn’t for you, you can always have a read of one of my less “vagina chat. Night feeds and breast milk smelling clothes posts” over >here<.


Before I get started, I’d just like to say, if you’re becoming a mum yourself for the first time or even if you’re doing it all over again. This is MY experience. This is what I have found helpful. It may not fit with your family, or yourself, or your baby. I think that’s so important to remember that. So if you’re going to be a new mum, before you continue reading just remember, you will find your own way and that way will be the right way.


I can’t quite believe he arrived on Mother’s Day! Of all days he could of made an appearance. What a treat for me.


I remember saying to Jack how jeleaous I was of him that he would experience his first Fathers day this year but I would miss out on Mothers day. Arthur must of been listening. Such an incredible feeling. I had a really positive birth, however, I’m just not sure if I want to share it just yet, although if you guys are really keen to find out or would like to know then let me know in the comments below.

My first Day 


My first day was just a surge of happiness, constantly swapping him from my arms to Jacks’ arms. Having him lying on my chest naked. Our skin touching and me constantly smelling him. I mean, I just don’t get it, he just come out of my vagina and been living inside me for the last nine months how does he smell so amazing?! We had all grandparents visit which was lovely. It made the whole day even more special, to get to share it with people who love Arthur so very much. I must have been running off pure adrenaline and happiness because if I’m honest the tiredness only really started to come when we had had our first night at home.


We had Arthur at the birthing centre in Maidstone. It was just perfect for us as it was like a little slice of home but with amazing devoted midwives to come and help if you needed it. They check you were all doing ok and most importantly help me with my first wee after giving birth. I can tell you this much…It stung! Thanks to watching Louise Pentlands post-baby recovery tips video my first wee was in the shower.  Yep, I stood butt naked in the shower whilst a midwife hosed down my vagina whilst I peed. Glamours huh? From then on all my wee’s were done in the shower until I arrived home to my amazing Aquarius Refresher Bidet recommended by the amazing Louise Pentland! Which has been a lifesaver ever since. Now day 4 and I can go without using it. Thank the lord!!


We arrived home on the Monday afternoon when the visitors started to flood in again but I didn’t mind as I kept it strictly family and my best friends for the first week. To me, family is so important and my best friends are an extension of my family also a saviour of my sanity. They know me better than I know my self at times and are incredibly patient with me.

First night at home

Our first night was tricky, getting used to breastfeeding, I can tell you it’s not been easy for me. Jack was my rock the whole way through the night, despite having to get up to go to work the next morning. Self-employed life can be a bitch sometimes. I felt the ultimate guilt that I was able to stay home with our son all day, take a nap and enjoy staring at him and Jack had to work.


That guilty feeling is defiantly something I have never experienced before quite as strong for such small things. I knew it was coming as other mums had spoken about it but wow. It’s insane! You have to talk to yourself constantly and tell yourself “it’s ok! Arthur is doing so well. You’re allowed to have an hour sleep.” Or “it’s ok you’re allowed to watch a YouTube video for 20 mins whilst eating your breakfast whilst his dad cuddles him”.

“Having a support network has made my first week so much easier”

On day three my best friend came and had a cuddle (even with her gorgeous 21 month-year-old little boy!). I was able to have a bath, wash my hair for the first time since giving birth and just breath. What an amazing woman. She didn’t grumble once. Even though when she changed him for me I lay in the bath telling myself “don’t feel guilty. Don’t feel guilty. He’s with someone who loves him. He’s with someone who loves him.”  That sense of guilt still rose right to the front of my brain. I then spent the afternoon with my mum just chilling out. Watching my mum fill with love and joy as she cuddled him was a wonderful feeling. I think day three has been my favourite day.


I’ve been so lucky to have such an incredibe support network. Having people close to you, of a similar age, having had babies already has been SO helpful. Both my family and Jack’s family coming together to show their love and support in any way they can. It has just made this first week of becoming a mum so much easier. I’m not saying parenthood is easy. I’m sure I will have times where I want to scream, shout and have a tantrum just like a child. However, for me, I was expecting it to be a lot harder in the first week. For that, I’m SO grateful.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post

Much Love

H & A 


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  1. Eleanor Jasmin April 8, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Your first week sounds so full of happiness and love – sending all my love to your gorgeous family and a huge congratulations, he’s beautiful! I’d love to hear your experience with breast feeding as I’m planning on doing so as well. all my best for the future weeks, you’re doing an amazing job x

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