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True Taste of MEXIco

True Taste of MEXIco
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*Disclaimer: I was invited to the launch party of ‘MEXIco’ resurant in Maidstone however my opinion is not influenced by this, my post is written purely my own words.

Whilst everyone else is doing Blogmas I’m over here talking about a fabulous new Mexican restaurant. MASSIVE LOL. But in this game theres no point following the crowd. Stand up and do something different, so thats what I’m doing, its also what ‘MEXIco’ the new restaurant that opened in Maidstone are doing.

Just over a two weeks ago now I received an email from a lovely man inviting me to the launch party/evening of a new Mexican restaurant in Maidstone called MEXIco. Of course I accepted as I LOVE Mexican food and really just wanted to have a nose. For those of you who aren’t familiar Maidstone is the nearest place to me that has half decent clubs and more then two restaurants, however they were always missing one thing, a good bar. Sometimes you don’t fancy just going for something to eat, sometimes you don’t fancy drinking an obsered amount of drinks that taste like watered down lemonade, what you really fancy is something in-between. MEXIco is that in-between, so let me paint the picture of the evening for you.

It was a Wednesday evening, a week night I know naughty huh! I was able to invite three friends along with me which made the whole evening more fun. Heading in I instantly felt a good vibe, the layout was open and looked at lot larger then when it was once “Chimichanga’s” which was a nice change. There was authentic Mexican art work all over the restraint, and the decor was vibrant and fun. We found a fun looking booth to perch our booties in for the evening, which was covered in an awesome sugar skull print.



We had barely sat down when a waitress came round with some fabulous cocktails. The first of many was their house margarita, a mix of fresh lemon, lime and agave syrup and El Jimador Blanco tequila, it was refreshing yet fiery,a perfect mix. Soon after we had finished our first the next antray of cocktails were coming round, tropical margarita, a mix of Coconut Tequila, fresh citrus, agave syrup and pineapple juice, just one sip suddenly takes you to the beaches of mexico’s, so why stop at one sip? They have mixed some incredible flavours with some amazing Tequila and created what can really only be described as the true taste of mexico.
Shortly after many of the guests had cocktails in hand the food started to be shared around, they had a range of different appetisers for us all to try, and some great vegetarian options. One of my favourites was the MEXIco Puffy Tacos, chicken tinga, shredded lettuce, tomatoes and guacamole, the guacamole was so fresh, I could of eaten about five!! Even though there looked like there was lots to choose from on the menu I was more engrossed in their cocktails and tequila tasting then the food, but their tortilla chips salsa and guacamole went down rather nicely, I think I probably needed it as lets face it, I had work in the morning and tequila and a 6am wake up call do not mix

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After trying some of the food and quickly getting through many of their fabulous cocktails the lovely managing director of MEXIco came over to have a chat with me and my friends, TBH we were pretty hard to miss, as always we were being silly dancing and taking hilarious sassy boomerang videos of each other, I mean who doesn’t? She was absolutely lovely, introducing herself and answered alot of my questions. Being a massive nosy parker, I wanted to know all the ins and outs of how they came about to decided to bring MEXIco to Maidstone.
MEXIco was developed together with Johnny Hernande a brilliant chef that has spent most of his life in the restaurant world, opening many of his own restaurants in the USA and has even cooked for Obama. Johnny is also well known in the country itself, Mexico, for his culinary skills and his passion for authentic Mexican food. They knew he was the person they wanted to start a fabulous partnership with, to embark on a creative adventure to build the authentic Mexican restaurant that is MEXIco. I loved this back story it really shows the friendly vibe of the restaurant gives out.
I don’t think I have enjoyed a Wednesday evening like that for a long time. My girlfriends and I will defiantly be heading back their for the nachos and cocktails soon as I don’t quite know how I’ve got to Sunday without having at least one of their Tropical Margarita’s.



Ta-ra for now





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  1. Milenka Millie December 19, 2016 / 9:27 pm

    This sounds like such a fab evening! And the cocktails and food you described have seriously made me want Mexican now! xx

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