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5 Top Tips for Working/Busy mum’s

Going back to work after 11 months off is a big adjustment. Something that all you a working/busy mummy will know. Although I am fortunate enough to be there for Arthur in the day, it doesn’t make the whole experience any less exhausting. BUT over the past two months, there are some tricks I’ve picked up to be able to shake the tiredness and keep going.

#Tip1. Make sure you have a Tea + Engery Tea in your bag


As I’ve mentioned, I’ve gone back to work. However, due to lack of childcare, I work night shifts and then come home to look after Arthur. Although I nap when he naps, this can change day to day from anywhere between 3 hours to an hour. As you can imagine my energy levels start to slip as if someone has stripped me of my energy cloke. However, I was kindly introduced to, and gifted, the Tea+ energy tea’s.

For a while now, I’ve wanted to reduce my caffeine intake. Meaning taking away my coffee. Are you serious?! But how will I survive the nights? How will I be able to keep up with Arthur? Who 90% of the time is like a crazy little squirrel running around the forest searching for his nuts.

I couldn’t believe it but the transition was really easy, and painless. The energy tea which is raspberry and pomegranate flavor is just delightful. Not only does it make me feel fresher inside, they actually give me energy! This particular tea includes Vitamin B6 and B12 which contribute to feeling more energized and reduce that tired drousy feeling.

#Tip2 Water Spray


I absolutely love these sprays. Whilst I’m at work I keep a small one of these in my pocket. When I start to feel drowsy or as if my eyes are being pinned open by tiny needles, then I give my self a little spritz.

My favourite is the La Roche – Posey Thermal Spring Water Face Spray.

Pop it in the fridge for at least 8 hours before you need to use it and it’s a dream! I now don’t start a shift without one.

#Tip3 Power Naps

For some, this may not be possible. OR even helpful. But for me, these 10-20 min power naps really get me through. Whilst I’m at work, depending on where I’m working I often get an hours break in which I set my alarm and sleep for at least 45 minutes. If I’m working somewhere which is particularly busy I try to just shut my eyes for 10-20 minutes just so my eyes can rest.

If you’re not a mumma who works nights, and just a busy mum (who isn’t right?). Then these power naps SHOULD be on your schedule. We all need sleep to get us through, there is no denying it. So don’t put your sleep on the back burner because you feel you “don’t have time”.

#Tip4 Keep busy

A slight contradicting tip from the one above but bear with me… The key is to not sit down. Try and keep as busy as possible. Fill your day with housework, play time with your little ones. If you’re not that social when you’re tired then try not to plan days out with friends, as they may not understand your quietness.

On days that I feel up for it, I’ll meet up with friends for the afternoon. Arthur is usually awake most of the afternoon anyway, so this time is perfect for me to get out of the house and catch up with friends… if I feel up to it of course. Don’t feel pressured to push yourself too much on these days.

#Tip5 Eat the right foods.

I don’t know about you but when I’m tired all I want to do is eat rubbish, lazy food. BUT that doesn’t fill me with energy. It makes me feel sluggish and grumpy.

Although I think this is the hardest tip to stick by it possibly one of my best tips. Eating and drinking the right things is so important, more so when you’re lacking your third essential need ‘sleep’.

I try and get in my 5 a day, smoothies are a great way to do this, so when I wake up from a nap with Arthur I’ll make myself a smoothie. For lunch I’ll have a healthy wrap, easy veg such as peppers cucumber carrots etc dipped in humous. My absolute go to. It’s so easy and quick. Meaning I have no excuse to dig into toast and marmite or a cheeky frozen pizza.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed my top tips, I’d love for you to share what you do to keep yourself going throughout the day.


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