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The reasons behind my spontaneous blogging break

The reasons behind my spontaneous blogging break


I can’t believe my last blog post was back in June 2017! So here I am. About to divulge all the reasons behind my spontaneous blogging break.

There are many reasons but if I’m honest with you all and myself it all boils down to one thing. My own self-belief or lack of it shall I say. I guess I never thought my blog was good enough to stand amongst those that in my eyes were truly brilliant. Believing in yourself is something that doesn’t come easy for a lot of us, especially me, yet it is so important.

I’ve spent the last sixth months trying to figure out how the hell to get my mojo back and what the hell I want to do with my life.


FYI I still don’t know.

What changed?

Well lets address the elephant in the room shall we? That elephant may look a little bit like me atm.

I’m pregnant!

Batman needs naps too

29 weeks and 1 day to be exact.

If you’re a close friend or even follow me on social media I’m sure this doesn’t come as a massive surprise. We didn’t do any big reveal but we’ve certainly made it no secret.

I can not wait for my little boy to arrive!

I’m sure you can imagine this is a pretty big change. It not only changes your life massively but also changes your state of mind. The pressure for me to be the best me yet, increased. For me blogging was always something that was really therapeutic, I felt a sense of achievement when I’d released a post I was proud of. As much as everyone says you have to give these things up when you have  a baby, for me self care is so important.

“Looking after number one, means looking after number two” 

Whats changed within the blogging world since I’ve been gone?

Sounds like that Kelly Clarkson song doesn’t it? “Since you’ve been gone”. If I’m honest not a lot has changed. People are still absolutely bossing the blogging world, more people are achieving their dreams of going freelance and making blogging their full time job. Those who aren’t are still producing amazing content and striving to reach their blogging goals.

Even though there has been so many amazing things go on in the blogging world, it has also got extremely competitive which unfortunately has meant for a lot of catty-ness and in my opinion a lot of bloggers have been less inclined to share others posts and congratulate them on huge achievements.


If you love a post. Share it.

If you love a blogger. Tell them.

If you get inspired by someone. Tell them and share it with others.


Blogging has moved from being a hobby to becoming a lot of peoples full time job. This is such an amazing achievement and a huge movement for blogging as a whole.

However, this doesn’t come without its pressures.

When scrolling through twitter in my time off I couldn’t help but notice a lot of bloggers feeling the pressure to only post about subjects they feel will get the most views, or to talk about something that doesn’t necessarily come naturally to them.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that along the way I feel blogging has lost its authenticity.

Lets bring that back, shall we?

What are my blogging goals for 2018?

First off I just wanna say I’m already pretty chuffed at the fact I’ve made the effort to give my blog a new lease of life. It’s a pretty big deal and I know this time round I will stick to it, as I know just how therapeutic it is for me to be able to share my thoughts with whoever is willing to read them.

2018 is already going to beat every other year as it will be the year my baby boy will be born.

So here is a list of all the things you can expect from Hey, its ok in 2018.

  • Consistent content
  • A brand new “Being mum page”
  • Bringing back my morning motivation videos
  • Collaborations

Consistency is one thing I struggle with in general. I love starting new projects but I never seem to see them through and even if I do see them through I’m never very good at staying organised. So here’s to a new start and staying consistent.


Becoming a mum is one thing I’ve always wanted. It’s the one part of my life that would get me all excited, like a kid at Disney Land. Now it’s finally happening I want to share it all with you. The good, the bad and the ugly. I will be designing a whole new feature called “Being Mum”. Within this page I hope to invite some new mummy readers onto my blog and for it to be somewhere we can all sit down with a glass of wine (or gin) and feel that little bit more normal. Hopefully sharing stories and advice with each other.


Some of you who have managed to find my Facebook page within the past 6 months would have probably seen a new little feature I started, yes classic Holly style never continued, called Morning Motivations. I loved doing this feature and only stopped due to that old age EXCUSE, I didn’t have the time. I expect that having a  baby will spare me even less time. However, I am so determind to rub out all my old excuses and replace them with achievments.


There are so many talented, fun, exciting bloggers out there that I would love to meet and hopefully collaborate with. So if you’re a new blogger or even an old one, fancy a good old gossip about life, then hit me up on social media or through the comments.


Overall it feels pretty darn good to be back!

Much Love

H x




  1. Claire vousden January 5, 2018 / 8:54 pm

    Love u! Keep it up can’t wait to meet bubba

  2. Molly Hutchinson January 5, 2018 / 11:57 pm

    I only came across your blog today, but am already a big fan! I really love what you’re doing. Congratulations, and I can’t wait to follow your blog as you become a mummy!! x

  3. Char January 7, 2018 / 8:35 pm

    Congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I hope 2018 brings you a year of consistency and joy!

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