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The power of statement earrings

The power of statement earrings

Hello you sexy people. I’m back after a leangthy two weeks no posts. I’m pregnant, so give me a little slack. LOL just about the only excuse I can use, not for much longer though.


Being pregnant has been an amazing experience, however I think my wardrobe has thought otherwise.


I have seriously struggled when it come to dressing my pregnant body.


Maternity clothes just aren’t as compfy as everyone says they are. Or at least not to me anyway. I’ve not wanted to buy a whole new wardrobe, because whats the point in spending the money on things I can only wear for 9 months? Thats no fun and for a bargain hunter like myself it’s just painful!


So when it comes to my maternity wardrobe it’s pretty basic. Leggings are worn to the death, liturally, I made multiple wholes in my first pair due to my sexy legs wanting to never be apart. I wish I loved them as much as they love each other!


I’ve stretched myself into non maturity tops and dresses as much as possible, but these are just so plain and boring I needed something to spice up my outfits. Make me feel a bit more sassy. More myself.


This is where the bold lipstick makes an appearance and the big statement earings come out!



There’s something about statement earrings that makes me feel sexy, sassy and confident. Even though I totally believe your personal style is a two way street. It takes the woman to make clothes come to life, stand out and become something special, but its the clothes that often make a woman feel empowered.


For me its become less about the clothes and more about the accessories. More to the point. Those sexy statement earrings that were seriously “on trend” summer 2017 and have stayed in my life consistently since. I don’t feel like my outfit is complete without a pair of earrings.


As I’m sure you all know by now I love a bargain. I mean, who doesn’t?!


Where to find my bargain statement earrings.

My go-to place to find those bargain statement earrings is Primark. Since we hit 2018 they have seriously upped their game. With multiple colors, styles and not to mention the fact they are all under £5, how can you go wrong?


A few weeks ago I picked up these three pairs of stunners. All very different styles but life would be boring if we kept things the same all the time.


I think my favorites have to be these Red tassel earrings that remind me of the Spanish dancing emoji. With my hair being quite dark, they stand out a lot better than the black or navy ones. As I said before I have felt like lately I needed to add that little extra ‘summin’summin’ to my outfits as they’ve been so very basic and these fit the bill perfectly. You can pick these bad boys up at most primarks for only £3.


If Primark doesn’t satisfy my earring needs then my next stop is eBay. There are so many amazing shops on eBay now. It’s turned from a second hand selling site to a fantastic place to start up your own online shop. Which is defiantly something I want to do in the near future. Those sexy black and gold 1920’s inspired earrings are one of my many purchases from that gold mine. Can you believe I picked them up for just £4.


I can’t see my statement earring obsession slowing down anytime soon. Baby or no baby.


I’d love to know if you’re a fellow addict or if statement earrings truly repulse you.


Much Love









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