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The miracle eye serum you need in your life

The miracle eye serum you need in your life

*This post is in collaboration with Eyewake. I have used the product for over two weeks now so feel I can give my honest opinion on the product. Even though the product was gifted all the opinions are my own.*


If you’re looking for an eye serum that will make you look more like the sexy filtered you on Instagram rather than the 3am zombie you then keep reading.


When it comes to skincare I have never really stuck to a routine.


It is a habit I have had to get myself into.


Since Arthur has been born I’ve been more conscious of looking after myself. I take my self-care a lot more seriously as I feel as if I can be the best me I can be. That way I can give my all to Arthur. A proper skincare routine is one of the activities on my self-care list.


When I was at the end of my pregnancy and the first few weeks of motherhood I started to notice that dark circles had started to appear. At first, I thought this is it. The long road of looking tired, drained and basically like the ghost of Christmas past had begun.


Then I gave myself a good talking to and decided to do something about theses hideous dark circles under my eyes. I knew getting a full 8 hours un-broken sleep wasn’t an option for us just yet. Before I had a chance to even search the internet for some eye gel, brightening, make me look like Holly spring 2017 again products, I had a very exciting email pop into my inbox.


It was from the company called Eyewake. They wanted me to try out their new eye serum that they said:


  •  Targets puffy eyes
  •  Removes dark circles
  •  Anti-ageing Collagen Ingredients
  •  Improved Elasticity
  •  Improved Hydration
  •  Lines and Wrinkles Reduced

The universe had obviously been on my side this week! I jumped at the opportunity but if I am completely honest I couldn’t see how a product could truly remove/improve dark circles.


My first impressions


When I received the product the first thing I noticed was how sleek looking the packaging was. I loved the fact the bottle wasn’t plastic, and it was a pump bottle instead of a squeeze tube.


As I said, I was keen to try it, however, I was sceptical about how much it would really help my ghostly looking eyes. However, I wanted to give it a good go before I reviewed it properly because with my skin it always takes at least a week for it to get used to a new product and then another week or a couple of days before I start to notice the impact it has on my skin.


The serum itself felt so natural. It was almost like putting cold cucumbers on my eyes for a couple of minutes every morning. Let’s face it, who’s got time for that every morning?! Defiantly not me. When I would apply it to my eyes in the morning I felt instantly more awake. It was so lovely and refreshing.


Top tip: For the warmer days or if you’re taking this product on holiday somewhere hot, pop it in the fridge as it add’s to the refreshing burst in the mornings.

Does it work?


I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly it started working for me. I started to notice a difference on about day 10. Usually, with most skin care products, I have to wait for at least 2/3 weeks. This may seem like a long time for some people but for my skin 10 days is amazing!


A skin care regime is something I have had to teach myself to get into. I guess in the past I’ve always been a bit lazy. However times are changing, every day my skin is ageing (ugh what a morbid thought) so that means I need to start to look after it better. The Eyewake serum has become part of my morning and nighttime skin care routine.


For any mumma’s, party animals, insomniacs out there that still want to look good and not like something out of The Walking Dead then I would 100% recommend this product. At only £22.95 per bottle, I personally think this is a bargain. You don’t need to use a lot to notice the difference, I only used a thumbnail for both eyes.


Not only is it a great product but also 5% of their net profits get donated to Women’s Aid. It’s not every day that you come across a brand that is so keen to help the vulnerable. Being a new mum myself, this defiantly was something that appealed to me. You can read more about what Eyewake do for the charity over >here<.


Where can I buy this product I here you ask?


Well, you can shop it directly from their website or you can shop it on Amazon. I have left the links below.


Eyewake website 


Much Love



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