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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on Adulting

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on Adulting

I’ve been brought up to be independant, like most of us are. From the moment I was able to I would be the one tying my shoes, when I was about seven I would have to keep my room tidy, I failed at this miserably. As I got older mum would make sure me and my sister would do our fair share around the house. We helped with things like loading and un loading the dishwasher, putting on washes and hanging out the washing, changing the bed sheets and cooking dinners. I am exstreemly proud of how I was brought up. My mum did not make us do these things because she was lazy, quite the opposite actualy just like any normal family as there was a fair few rows because things weren’t done and tantrums (on my behalf) because I really couldn’t be bothered and thought it was unfair. Mum knew these things were important to learn as it would be easier for us for when we finally spread our wings and left the nest. Don’t let me put you off. Being an adult has its pros as well as its cons.


1.One of the best things about doing this thing I like to call “adulting” is that you choose what you do, you don’t have anyone to answer too. Fancy having your friends round for a night of supid games, sex talks and lots of wine? Do it. Whos going to say no? I love being able to call my friends up and invite them over for a good catch up. I love planning pamper evenings and dinner parties, even on week nights, how naughty!

2.Just know that you have work in the morning. As much as staying up until 12pm reminising about your girls holiday and old school days seems like a fabulous idea, when your alarm goes off at 5:30am that bottle of wine comes back to bite you right in the tooshy. Believe me when I say it makes those first hours at work feel like time has come to a standstill but some evil gremlin keeps piling on the work.

3. Being able to dance around the house naked. Ok so if you’ve read my older post “hey its ok.. to dance in your undies” you’ll know that I love to dance freely around the house with nothing on, try it its liberating. Even though I did this on occation when I lived with my mum I couldn’t quite relax as I knew at some point mum would walk through the door, or worse my step dad. Oh the embarrasment.

4.Cooking, baking and making as much mess as you like with out someone saying “I hope you’ll tidy up”. I mean come on, what a ridiculous thing to say. No actually I thought I would leave the work tops with flour and egg shells all over them, of course I am going to tidy up after I’ve finished cooking or baking. BUT now I’m an adult I choose when to do it.

5.I know that vicky sponge tastes like somewhere you imagine unicorns and fairies to live but sorry to burst your bubble but fairies and unicorns don’t exist and they sure as hell aren’t going to come and tidy up the flour bomb that just hit your kitchen. Tidying up goes to one person in the house now you’re fully commited to do this “adulating” thing, and thats you.

6.Choosing when to do those boring jobs. When I lived at home the chores around the house would usually get done as and when mum asked me to do them, and sometimes I really really didnt feel like it. Some days all I wanted to do was slob out in front of the sofa and laugh histeraclly at Friends. Now I can do just that if I want to. If I don’t fancy doing the hoovering one evening after work because y’know life is hard and I’m tired and feeling sorry for myself, then I can leave it for another evening. More often then not, a tidy house leads to a tidy mind.

img_01347. You get to have awesome parties, because you know what you’re a mother fucking adult now and this is your time to show that your a boss at hoasting. If you follow me on Instagram and have read my “halloween party prepping” post then you’ll know that Jack and I threw a Halloween party and it was a massive success. Everyone made such an effort with their costumes and were all in the mood to party!

8.So the party was a hit, but preteneding to being a sassy latina cleaner (no racial suggestions intended, I liturally was pretting to be a cleaner and when doing so came out with a mexican accent,whilst doing some sassy little dance at the same time as shoving dirty tea towls in the washing machine). My friend thought I was hilarious so did I. But in the morning when I couldnt open my washing machine door, I thought maybe I wasn’t so funny. Note to self don’t play with your appliences whilst intoxicated, it will leed to spending £70 on getting your washing machine fixed instead of £70 on a bunch of new make up products.

9.Having a glass of wine with dinner, because you’re a sassy girl boss now and after a long day a glass of Barefoot Rose wine is the only thing to stop yourself from freaking out about the fact you have so much work to do in the morning.

10. Finally being able to decorate more then just your bedroom with your favourite home decor items. All those trips round IKEA wanting everything in sight but not actually being able to buy anything because you’re only nine and a half and have years yet until you can live the dream of an IKEA house. Now is your chance to go crazy and instead of imagining that an IKEA show room is you’re home, it finally can be. One problem, it costs money.

11. Money. Once being a treat to get £10 to spend on stickers, sweets and possibly a S Club 7 top. Yes I was a fan, and no I’m not ashamed to of owned alot of their merchandice. Now, its spent on rent, food, heating, water (err yes that thing that flows through your pipes, you use it to wash yourself you have to pay for. Is this not against some sort of human rights?) #firstworldproblems.

12.Lets not make this a post that looks like its been written by Debbie Downer. Being an adult comes with some amazing opportunies like being able to travel the world with the people you love, experience things you never would be able to if you stayed in that same house with your mum and dad. Adulting comes with this amazing feeling of knowing that everything you have YOU worked hard to achieve, *at this moment I start singing “Independant Women” by Destiny’s Child*.

Would love to know what your favourite parts of “adulting” is and maybe what you’ve found most challenging since you left your family home.

Ta-ra for now





    • Holly
      December 13, 2016 / 9:47 pm

      Thank you so much! Its always lovely to hear people are loving my blog as much as I love writing it. Aha yes I definatly have 10 times more work to do and often feel like time runs away but I do love living on my own. xx

      • Elly February 27, 2017 / 7:18 am

        It’s a pluresae to find someone who can identify the issues so clearly

  1. Deimante Baurinaite December 5, 2016 / 6:53 am

    Even though I hate doing weekly food shops and tidying the flat, I actually absolutely love being an adult. I love not having anyone tell me what to do and living by my own rules, if I could go back in time I would choose to stay where I am!
    Deimante x

    • Holly
      December 13, 2016 / 9:45 pm

      I have that same feeling. I couldn’t go back to living at home now, not after living by my own rules. Independance is a gift like no other. x

      • Eddie February 27, 2017 / 7:05 am

        This inotrduces a pleasingly rational point of view.

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