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Radox Haul

Radox Haul


After what happened on Wednesday with Trump becoming the President of the United States I think we are all in need of a little down time, to clear our minds of his poison. So lets all take a long relaxing bath.

Baths are an important part of my life. OK, so that sounds a bit dramatic but here me out.

When I’m stressed the one thing that will get me to relax is a nice candle lit, bubble bath. When I want to escape from the world and just pretended like I don’t have a million and one things to do with my day, a bath is the perfect get away. So you can imagine how important it is to me to have the perfect bath essentials.

Along with scented candles and headphones (essential if you’re a mum and have small children wanting to sing their new song they made up VERY LOUDLY, or just generally want to shout MUM,MUMMY a million times over all because they want a biscuit) bubbles, bath bombs and bath salts shortly follow on my list for essential bath items.

Now as much as I do enjoy an occasional Lush product I’m not a fanatic, I know shoot me now! But seriously I find them a bit too over powering. So I went in search other delicious bath products and stumbled across this gold mine of Radox bubble baths and shower gels.

Not only do they smell divine they the ultimate bargain averaging at £1 in most high street drug stores, and you know me, I love a bargain.

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I don’t think you can actually call a bath “a bath” if you don’t add bubbles. This Radox ‘feel heavenly” is just what you need if you are craving to escape reality. With this heavenly coconut smell, if close your eyes and imagine that instead of being in your bath at home after a stupidly long stressful day, you’re lying on a beach in Mykonos drinking pina coladas. This bubble bath just takes you away from your ‘rainy day’ and drops you in paradise. What more could you want from a bubble bath?

If you love the gym like me, you’ll love the Radox muscle soak. After a few sessions at the gym my muscles start to become tight and I start to walk as if I’ve had a little accident, as you can imagine its not a good look, this has never happened just so you know! After I’ve just done a really hard work out there’s nothing better then a long soak in the bath, with an excessive amount of bubbles, seated candles and a good book. This bubble bath truly makes your aces and pains just melt away.

I love a pamper evening. If you haven’t already check out what I think makes a perfect pamper evening here. Part of my pamper evening ritual if you like, is to have a long bath before my girlfriends arrive, so this ‘feel pampered’ bubble bath is perfect for such an occasion. What could be better then to sink into a bath full of bubble that smells like a sunny fresh spring morning,

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Not only did I indulge in Radox bubble baths I also picked up a few shower gels too. Even when I’m in a rush and just jump in the shower there’s nothing better then feeling refreshed. There ‘feel ready’ shower gel is perfect for a morning wake up. With the soft sent of red apple infused with the sweet refreshing sent of pomegranate this is the perfect mix to make you feel ready for the day. Not only do you leave the shower smelling sweet and refreshed, this smell sticks around throughout the day.

Sometimes you just need something a bit stronger to wake you up in the mornings. If you can relate this ‘feel uplifted’ shower gel will be right up your street. This wasn’t my favourite out of the three gels I picked up but around this time of year when its freezing outside and usually raining, I don’t want to get out of my warm shower, but this shower gel pushes me to get on with my day and shocks my tired eyes into seeing the possibilities ahead. The fresh citrus smell of the pink grapefruit infused with the soft smell basil makes you feel like your taking a walk in the spring when all the flowers have started to bloom. Just close your eyes and picture it.

I’ve saved the best ’till last. Part of the Radox ‘shower cream’ range is this gorgeous ‘feel romantic’ shower cream. This one is perfect for a long hot shower, or even a bath. With the sexy smell of orchid and blueberry you leave the shower feeling good enough to eat, maybe someone will try. Cheeky. This one is my favourite as it feels so smooth on your skin, it foams easily and obviously smells AMAZING. In my opinion a good shower gel isn’t so much about what its like whilst you’re in the shower but how your skin feels after you get out. This shower cream leaves your skin feeling fresh and moisturised.

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I’ll leave you with this delightful picture of me playing with bubbles, I may be 22 but never too old to play around with bubbles in the bath. Hey, did any of you pretend to have a beard by putting bubbles around your mouth when you were little? Could just me. LOL.

 Anyway enough of silly bath talk.

Ta-ra for now


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  1. Single Vegas Girl November 23, 2016 / 12:20 am

    A bath is never a bath without bubbles! That would be a crime! It seems like they have something for every sort of thing you could be in need of. The muscle soak sounds great for after a workout. Thanks for sharing this! (:

    Single Vegas Girl

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