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Old is the New, New

Old is the New, New


Top: Primark

Skirt: Hospice & The Weald Charity shop

Boots: 4 Years old Zara 


Our generations need to buy NEW clothes all the time is contributing to our planets climate change. 


This topic has been all over my Instagram lately and sitting in the “new” (ironic huh) section of my favorite bloggers.


I’ve also heard it on the news recently too. How our generation and the Instagram/Influencer culture is contributing to climate change.


Quick update, if you haven’t heard anything about this. To sum it up quickly for you, if we don’t start changing our lifestyles now in 12 years time the world will be damaged beyond repair.


Before the fast fashion stamp down movement begun I read an amazing post by the lovely Emma, from “MUM OF MAD LADS” on shopping in charity shops. She sparked something inside me that decided to head back into charity shops and test fashion a bit more.


A few years back now, when I was about 18/19… oh god that was more than a few years now, more like six! That makes me feel old. I used to shop in charity shops quite frequently. I would pick up mainly basic/staple items that were good quality but cost me about £4. Bargain Huh?!


What changed?


So what changed? What made me stop wondering into those charity shops? There wasn’t any particular moment or thing that made me decide not to. However, I do know I started blogging at a similar time. My need to buy “NEW” clothes got stronger. I wanted to stay “on trend” and felt the only way I could do that was to buy from the ‘new in’ section of online shops.


Slowly my bank account dwindled and I realized that continuing to buy new clothes was not only damaging our planet but just wasn’t sustainable for me.


The pressure might be on all of us to have an up-to-date wardrobe, however, I do find as a blogger the pressure becomes stronger. Does any other blogger find this?


The need to be seen


If you’re a blogger/influencer who wants to monetize their blog and create a job out of a passion, then “the need to be seen” by brands, is high. Although this has never happened to me, there is nothing quite like having your photo re-posted by the brand you are wearing.


That exposure could lead to more followers and more engagement to broaden your community. Not to mention the fact “A BLOODY BRAND YOU LOVE NOTICED YOU!”. It could even lead to, omg yes! A paid collaboration with the brand you LOVE!


But when does this stop? When do we stop feeding an unhealthy obsession to be seen by brands and buying clothes that we may only wear a few times?


It’s new to you.

Jumper: Demelza Hospice Care Charity shop 

Jeans: Zara 2 years ago 


Just because something isn’t brand new doesn’t mean it’s not new to you.


If you’re one of those who stairs into their wardrobe as if you’re staring into a black abyss. You have little inspiration to put together an outfit. If you text the girls you’re just about to go out with saying “HELP! I have nothing to wear Friday?!”. Then taking yourself into a charity shop would be a good way to fill your “I need something new” needs, stamp down on fast fashion as well as give a little back to those who could use the help.


Charity shops are not the only way we can help our planet but have a new outfit for that dinner date on Friday. It doesn’t always work especially if you’re not the same size, but how about texting a friend to ask to borrow something of theirs? Maybe even throw a ‘swapping shopping’ party. Get the Prosecco or Gins in and invite the girls round with a selection of clothes they no longer want and do a swap.


There are so many ways we can help. We just need to not be afraid to speak out and be the first to do something different.


Much Love



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  1. Samsntha October 22, 2018 / 10:01 pm

    I just tried to leave a comment but there was a message saying it was spam! (might be because I left my blog link)? It was a long one. I won’t write it all again but just to say, I totally agreee with what you’re saying. Such an important subject to highlight. My post today is very similar!

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