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NYX Soft matte lip creams used for eyeshadow

NYX Soft matte lip creams used for eyeshadow

You probably read the title and thought, “what on earth?” and I wouldn’t blame you but hear me out. It’s not just another crazy Holly moment, ok maybe it is a little but this time it was one of those crazy ideas that actually turned out well. There are so many blog posts about NYX out there at the moment and it’s not surprising really as they have taken the UK and the world by storm. However I’ve not seen a post like this anywhere else.

These NYX soft matte lip creams are pretty much my life at the moment, I’m slowly building on my collection two or three a month, although December, I let my finances go to friends and family instead of little old me. Anyway the other day I was playing around with my make up creating a few looks, yes I will be sharing my favorites with you on here over the next month so stay tuned, I had a funny five minutes and decided to put the colour Zurich on my eyes. I know right, what?! that must of been messy, well it actually wasn’t and surprisingly my funny five minutes turned out to be a fabulous creative moment. So I’ve put together a few of my favourite looks using the NYX matte lip creams as eye shadows.

Luscious Lava

I’m going straight in with this fiery number which I have nick named, Luscious Lava. You only need a tiny bit maybe two small spots in the middle of your eye lid, then blend it in. For this one I added a little gold eyeshadow on the outer corners of my eyes, just to add to the sassy’ness. I don’t think I would be complete without my liquid liner but as this is quite a bold colour already, less is most definitely more. This is probably my favorite look out of them all. I feel like I’m ready for a girls night out, drinking cocktails and laughing until my cheeks hurt, errrm Hols, don’t forget that freekum dress! Now that really would be a night to remember if I walked out in just my Vicky’ S undies, insert shocked emoji here. I really do need to get over my emoji obsession.

Blush Baby

From Luscious Lava to Blush Baby. This is more of a daytime/ spring look. I love blush pink at the moment and have been after the perfect eye shadow to compliment my many blush pink outfits, now I have the perfect one. For this look I used the colour London which is one of my newest additions to my NYX family. Make sure you don’t go too heavy with the lip cream as you don’t want your eyes to feel like you’ve just put PVA glue all over your eye lids, yep defiantly used PVA glue to create some weird type of face mask as a child. You only need one stroke of the lip cream to create this adorable matte smokey blush pink effect. As I was going for a more subtle look, I didn’t want to over power the London lip cream but I wanted to make this look just that extra girly. As you may of seen in my every day make up post, my W7 colour me buff palette is my go-to eye shadows. I added a little bit of the pink and cream colours near my tear ducks and then a tiny bit of silver in the outer corners to just add a little shimmer to the over all look.

Sexy Satin

“Lets talk about sex baby lets talk about you and me”. Mixing it up at the end with this sexy number, using my Transylvania lip cream, which I like to call the Sexy Satin. This was the part of the day when Beyonce’s crazy in love ( 50 shades of grey version) had come on and I started to think “I want to look all sexy and sassy for a night out” so I used this gorgeous MAC purple colour eyeshadow all over my eye lid, then I added two dots of the Transylvania and blended that baby in. This is definitely one of my most daring looks but I love it! Sometimes you have to make yourself look fabulous to feel fabulous.

I loved playing around with the NYX lip creams, creating new looks and sharing them all with you. If you’re enjoying these beauty posts please comment and let me know or tweet me @heyitsok_Holly. I’d love to know your thoughts.

P.S I wanted to do selfies for all the different eyeshadow looks however due to the gorgeous English weather, please hear the sarcasm in my voice, lighting has not been on my side!

Ta-ra for now




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