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    Now you are ONE. {2/52. Living Arrows}
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Now you are ONE. {2/52. Living Arrows}

Now you are ONE. {2/52. Living Arrows}

“It’s not about how many times you fall but the amount of times you get back up”

I wanted to start this post off with a quote that at the moment I can really relate to. This little space of mine has taken a back seat of late. Whilst I’ve been exploring my new adventure, YOUTUBE, as well as starting a new job. It’s all rather a lot for my brain to contend with.

We all get the same amount of time, so I’m not about to give you the same drool I often give “but I just don’t have the time”. I’ll put it like this instead. I’m currently trying to figure out my schedule to be able to block out time for my beloved blog. As I truly do love writing and creating content that I’m passionate about.

With that little explination over and done with, time to get on with the post.

Now you are one

Arthur turned one last Monday. YES, ONE! It’s been an amazing, exhausting, relentless, beautiful year. I love that I’ve documented a lot of his first year either through Instagram, my blog or on my Youtube channel. It’s so special to be able to look back on happy memories. I love to read or listen to how I was feeling at points (possibly some testing times). It shows me how far I’ve come. That’s one of the reasons I love blogging, see what I did there.

We had a small family get to gether on the Sunday (10th) to celebrate. Lot’s of food, laughter, and smiles. It was a lovely day. Arthur thoroughly enjoyed all the attention he got from everyone. I didn’t see the point in doing anything big for his first birthday as he really won’t remember it. When he’s old enough to remember and properly enjoy and appreciate a birthday party, that’s when I’ll come into my element of the themed parties.

Turning one is no easy ride y’know. It comes with tantrum’s, learning leaps, non-stop talking and even more running mummy ragged. For me, the more I know the more confident and content I feel. The same applies to Arthur’s behavior. If you’re like me, and you haven’t yet downloaded The Wonder Weeks app then drop your washing, close your laptop and DOWNLOAD IT NOW! *Disclaimer: this is not an AD for the wonder weeks, I’m just hugely enthusiastic about it.*

How the wonder weeks work’s

As I mentioned, this isn’t an AD for The Wonder Weeks although “wonder week’s if you’re reading this get in touch, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with you!”.

I know that some of you might not have heard of this in-genius app before, so I wanted to give you a little insight into how it works.

You start off by putting in details about your baby, such as date of birth their name and uploading a cute photo of your little love. It then calculates for you when they’ll be entering a new developmental leap. This is when your baby/toddler will be learning A LOT more about the world.

There are so many different types of leaps your baby will go through, such as, “The world of patterns” “The world of relationships” etc.. Usually each leap lasts for a couple of weeks, and there is a period of 6-8 weeks between each one. They say whilst your child is in the thick of these leaps their behavior and sleep pattern can change. YOU CAN SAY THAT AGAIN!

I’ve found that Arthur is hugely affected by these leaps, he gets cragy, the tantrums come out in force and he wakes more often through the night. It’s a challenging time to say the least.

The light at the end of the tunnel

These leaps aren’t all bad.. Although I notice drastic changes in his behavior, I can also see huge changes in how much he knows.

Since Arthur has been walking his love for the outdoors has grown. Any opportunity we get he’s outside. This has encouraged him to become more and more confident on his feet. He’s not only walking everywhere but running.

He’s now understanding more, being able to pick out farm animals by name (I name them, he picks them out). Often coping some words such as “ta” “mumma” “dadda“.

I’ve recently read back on a blog post I did when Arthur was just a little over 6 months and it’s amazing how quickly they move forward. As well as how things that used to be so pressing on your mind soon drift and are no longer of importance or a priority.

Thoughts of a mum with a one year old

I’m doing this. I’m actually doing this.

Some day’s I have my shit together some days it looks as if a lundrey and toy bomb went off in my house.

I can’t wait for you to chat to me in English instead of baby babble.

When is it bedtime?!

I’m SO BLOODY BROODY! … all the time.

Some days I find you really annoying and I can’t wait until daddy get’s home so I can escape for 10 mins… 5 just isn’t enough.

You now think it’s ok to help yourself to snacks? …maybe I should stop eating snacks. But snacks are LIFE.

You will never know how much I love you.

Living Arrows

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