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my genuine thoughts about being pregnant

my genuine thoughts about being pregnant


I’ve put off writing this post for weeks now. Why? If I’m honest, the judgment and negative comments I’ve received since announcing my pregnancy¬†and moving into motherhood have been overwhelming.

It took me by surprise if I’m honest.

The “you will be so tired. ALL THE TIME”

The “wow you’re big for only 30 weeks”

The incredibly smug “Oh you’ll find out when you have your baby”

The “Oh you’ll be the same when you have your baby” (side note will I? How do you know? Have you got a magic crystal ball because the last time I checked we were all different and you don’t!)

I could continue with these types of comments but it then becomes another massive twitter rant, which I’d rather avoid.

Earlier in the week, I was thinking to myself. “Why have you put off talking about something you’re so excited about just because of the fact that a few people could shine a negative light on it?” I had a good sit down with myself and decided, JUST DO IT! Just write the flipping post for god sake Holly. Why do you care?

I shouldn’t care.

So, in light of this little pep talk, I’ve decided to wholeheartedly tell you my honest truth about how I’ve found being pregnant so far.

Update for you; I’m 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

I feel as if I’ve been the luckiest woman ever with my pregnancy. I’ve hardly felt poorly, I’ve managed my energy levels and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to continue exercising throughout.

I’ve had a few bumps along the way with a few exhausted days/weeks. Having to change my exercise routine to suit my new body (or shall I say forever changing) has been tough, mentally. Disliking the site of my own body, most days have been tough. All of this is so minor and has actually made me become more intuned with my body more than ever!

Always a silver lining.

Although there are a few periods throughout each day whereas he has got bigger he wriggles into an uncomfy position, (for me) I have loved getting to know him.

  • Our nighttime stories
  • Our morning chars on the way to work
  • His little kicks that greet me every morning
  • Every time I get to listen to his amazing little heartbeat at my midwife appointments.

I’ve really enjoyed my pregnancy, it’s not really been too different from pre-pregnancy life.

My thoughts on becoming mum

I can’t wait to become mum.

  • The Tantrums.
  • Watching him play football in the rain
  • Recieving that call at 2am asking for me to pick him up because he’s stuck in the middle of nowhere.
  • The first time I make him laugh
  • Watching him and his dad play together
  • Listening to him talk about his day at school
  • Waking up at 3am to feed him

I’m looking forward to it all because all of it comes with being a mum and if I didn’t look forward to it or didn’t think positively about it what would I have?

I’m not saying I’ll feel that way when I’ve got up for the 10th time that night and I’m exhausted. It will be more along the lines of, “I’m knackered, please go to sleep so I can sleep too.” Just like any normal human being would.

However, I hope that in those situations I can see the light at the end of the tunnel or at least think to myself “your life would not be nearly as happy if he wasn’t here”.

I realize that he will do things that frustrate me and I’ll do things as a parent that I never thought I’d do. BUT in this moment right now I’m so excited about all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Social media and pregnancy/mum life is a whole new ball game.

I love social media. For me, the good outways the bad. I actually wrote a blog post last year about social media which you can read >here<.

I’ve always loved to look at pregnancy fashion and follow all the Instagram accounts where mummas share their GORGEOUS babies in almost every shot. Although, until becoming pregnant I’ve never really read a Mumma blogger, blog.

For the last 3/4 months, I’ve been following this amazing woman (and Mumma), Amy, who shares her life as a mum with the online world. She shares tips about what SHE has found helpful during pregnancy and being a mum. She is a fitness enthusiast and has created, alongside her sister, a fantastic business creating a pregnancy and postpartum workouts called expecting and empowered.¬† Amy is such an honest and positive person, she truly inspires me when it comes to social media, blogging and becoming mum.

Yes, yes. I’m sure a lot of you are thinking. “Social media is only a reflection of the good days of our life” and this may be partly true. However, this Mumma blogger shares both the good and the bad but makes the bad seem not so bad by always shining a positive light on those situations.

I just love her attitude towards motherhood. I am determined to “block out the haters” and adopt Amy’s way of thinking.

Even though at the start of my pregnancy the situation was not ideal. Becoming a mum is all I’ve ever truly wanted and I am going to remind myself of that fact every day. Be grateful for what I have. Enjoy the good parts and learn from the bad.

Saying is believing.



Much love



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  1. Claireeee vouuu January 29, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    Love this & u will make the most amazing parents!! Xx

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