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Lets talk: Social Media

Lets talk: Social Media

This is a new little feature I wanted to start up on my blog, a place where I hope my readers can share their opinions and insights into the subject as well as me blabbing about mine. I also want to get peoples ideas for topics. If we, yes you and me, were to sit down and have a cuppa, coffee, smoothie, or more to my fancy a glass of prosecco, what would you choose to talk to me about. What would you want to know and what subject would you bring up with me. So PLEASE, and yes I am begging here, PLEASE write in the comments, tweet me or fb message me with your views, opinions and subjects.

Being the first in this sequel and being my blog, I feel it’s only fair that the first topic is my choice.

Social media is a big part of my life. There I said it. I’m not ashamed to say it either as I think if we all thought about it, it would be a big part of all our lives, more so for those aged between 16-30. Even though I said its a big part of my life, I didn’t say its an important part of my life. This is what makes the biggest difference. Being able to decide what you want to give a fuck about. Do you want to give a fuck about your nephews first birthday party or do you want to give a fuck about the fact that Kelly has got 245068 followers and you only have 100?

I use social media. I use it to share my life, the glossy parts of course, I use it to rant, mainly on twitter, I use it to promote my blog and myself. I use it to stalk people I admire, or people I hate… come on we’ve all done it. That leads me to my first point. Why do we choose to torture ourselves? Jealousy and comparing yourself to others is a natural normal thing. Do it too often and it becomes a disease that will slowly kill your soul. You might have a neighbour or colleague that you compare yourself to, you might bump into her or him at the coffee shop or gym and think “god I wish I was more like her. I wish my hair was long and thick like hers” but once she walked out of that coffee shop, you might spend 10 mins tops thinking about all the ways you’re shit and she is so much better. Now thanks to social media you are able to look up Sally from the coffee shop on Instagram or twitter and watch her live her “amazing life” (eye role) and waste hours of your AMAZING LIFE comparing yourself to her and torturing yourself because you don’t have enough money to buy that mulberry bag and you love food way to much to become that skinny.

I’ve had many conversations within the past few months that people have talked about how in the “modern world”, omg hello mum!┬áthat the more we are able to express our views and feelings the more we don’t want to hear the opposing opinion. This is wrong. If you’re going to openly talk about or write a Facebook status about how you think its absolutely appalling that your local coffee shop doesn’t do organic, soya bean, naturally grounded coffee and that it’s totally messed up your Wednesday morning then you need to expect that some people might disagree with you and think actually they are a local store and only sell local products. I mean this is just an example but its so true there are so many pathetic arguments that are created by people expressing their views on social media but then not accepting and allowing others to have their two pennies on the subject.

There are two sides to every story, right, and for me I choose to see social media in a positive light. It’s a great way to connect people who wouldn’t usually stop each other in the street for a chat. I have met some amazing and inspiring people through blogging and social media that I would of probably never met otherwise and I feel they have enriched my life for the better. Yes meeting people organically is still amazing and when you meet that person in a bar on holiday and find out they have all the same interests as you and how funny that they only live round the corner but the universe decided you needed to meet in New York, still is one of the best feelings. Its now so easy to get in contact with all those holiday friends you made, and just maybe they become a life long friend.

Its also a great way for young entrepreneurs to start up a business and express their creativeness in which a life without social media wouldn’t of happened… or wouldn’t of happened as easily. I am lucky enough to know so many amazing people who have started their businesses from their front room, all through the power of social media! I love watching their businesses grow and see the support other people are giving them, it is inspiring.
Social media has a domino effect. When one person speaks out about something it encourages more people to do the same. Sometimes this isn’t always a good thing but like most situations there is a good side to every bad. I have spoken about living with anxiety a few times on social media and the amount of people who have reached out to me offering their advice, telling me “I inspired them”, talking to me about their struggles and telling me how me simply speaking about my own experiences has helped them feel less alone. This is is exactly what I feel social media should be used for. To help and inspire others, to connect with people you wouldn’t usually, to start up new business ventures and to be creative.

I hope to do more of these “lets talk” posts so please let me know what you think, what topics you would want to read more about.

Ta-ra for now



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