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Instagram, do you love it or do you hate it?

Instagram, do you love it or do you hate it?


Instagram, the social media app that 90% of the population is on. Even my Nana is on the gram.


It’s the one app on our phone we wish we could avoid yet it keeps drawing us back in. It’s the epitome of a love-hate relationship. We love the inspiration it gives us, whether that be interiors, fashion or even a life we wish we could lead. How easy it makes shopping.  The fact you can make friends and connections with people you might never meet in person. Yet we hate the fact it makes us reject our own reality. We hate those bloody algorithms that stop talented brands, bloggers, influencers from being noticed. The fact we have to conform to a certain style, instead of being ourselves and posting as we please.


A life we wish we could lead 


Let’s go back to that statement, a life we wish we could lead. This is a dangerous path to walk, a path only some of us can walk down, survive and thrive.


Wishing for more than what you have sounds as if you are being ungrateful. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. It can just mean you simply see what someone else has and you want a slice of it for yourself. It can motivate you to achieve that lifestyle you really want.


On the flip side, this statement can be dangerous. The dangerous side of Instagram.


You know it’s time to take an Instagram break when you’re sitting in your pyjamas at home with a tin full of biscuits wishing you had the life of Zoella, the body of Alice Liveing and the work life of Lydia Millen. Girl, pick yourself up off that sofa, turn the jealousy and discomfort into motivation.

Give us bloggers/influencers a break 

If someone posts a picture of their sexy looking brunch, or a cool looking photo of them crossing a street in London wearing the latest trends, they’re marked as being fake. It’s made for the gram. It’s not real life.


Ok so maybe it wasn’t by accident that someone caught them crossing the street in New Looks most recent two-piece, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not reality for that person.


They’ve worked hard to create that effortless fashionista look. They’ve worked hard to gain that collaboration.


On the other hand, if someone tries and posts a picture of their “reality” Instagram chucks you off the radar!


Thank the universe for Insta-stories that’s all I can say. It bridges the gap between “reality” and “the best me” reality.


It’s time to pull yourself up and out of the comparison rabbit hole


OH SHIT! Without even realising it you’ve fallen down that filthy, comparison rabbit hole. One you never thought you could stumble into, but y’have.


You’re sitting at home, thinking to yourself “my life would be so much better if I was jet-setting around the world all expenses paid”. You look at your own wardrobe in disgust because it’s not the same as your favourite fashion blogger.


This is damaging behaviour. Get yourself off the gram IMMEDIATELY. Take yourself for a walk, spend time with your friends, read a book, have a good home cooked meal. Do anything else but sit around scrolling through Instagram wishing your life was anything other than what it is now.

Let Instagram inspire you. Instead of depressing you.

Recently I’ve been so motivated to make my blog my work. There, I said it. In one sentence I said what I really want out of writing my blog. How has it taken two years to realise this and say it out loud without feeling stupid?


I’ve been working on how I can boost my page views, up my followers (naturally) and get more people to engage with me and my blog.


I have an amazing friend, who in my eyes is a creative genius. When we get together we just bounce off each other. She is the women behind the camera when it comes to most of my Instagram photos that I feature in and is my creative inspiration.


She has helped me see Instagram in a new light. See it as a place of inspiration instead of falling down the “comparison rabbit whole” again.


I have received some of the nicest comments over the last few weeks and I can honestly say it has motivated me even more.


It’s just an app.


Of course. With all this being said. It is just an app. It’s not how memories are created. It’s not something we should focus our life around.


Even those people who seem to be on it 24/7, me being one of those people, don’t make everything else in their world revolve around getting that perfect Instagram shot.


I believe that you can create your world by a matter of perception. You can choose to see Instagram for what it is, a place where people want to share their life with others. Some people just want to share the good and HEY! Y’know what, that’s ok. Others want to share both the good and the bad, and guess what? That is also ok.


Or you can get sucked into that comparison rabbit hole that I keep banging on about.


Or, just to give you another option. You can choose to see it as a creative platform where people make their bread and butter. Which, let me tell you, is pretty damn great!


Much Love




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