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I’m in L.o.v.E with Vitamin E

I’m in L.o.v.E with Vitamin E

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Ever heard of the phrase “you need to kiss a few frogs before finding your prince”? Well I believe this applies to your skin care routine. I’ve not had the easiest ride when it comes to my skin. I had terrible spots when I was in my teens, coming up with boil like spots. I didn’t like school at the best of times let alone feeling extremely insecure about my skin. So mum and I tried whatever we could to keep them at bay. I tried every pill and cream the doctor prescribed, my mum took me to a dietitian to find out if it could be diet related, she even took me to a acupuncturist when we thought it could be stress related. Aren’t mums just the best! There’s nothing worse then feeling stressed,then stressing more because of your skin. Its a vicious cycle! After I left secondary school my skin calmed down, defiantly hormone related.

Anyway, now 22 I’m finally starting to really take care of my skin. I treat my skin gently and when I get spots I try to leave them instead of attacking them with my nails. Even though I’ve defiantly stepped it up with skin care routine I haven’t yet found my prince. So the other week I was in body shop to find my friend a gift, being a new mum I felt she could use some pamper products and what better place then body shop. What happened next shocked me , or shall we say “I was pleasantly surprised”… I found some gifts for myself too. They have such a range of new products, I was intrigued to try a few. The ladies in body shop were so helpful, when I told them about my skin they were more then happy to point me in the right direction to find that perfect product. Now, I wouldn’t usually listen to the sale assistants, however they were particularly helpful and seemed to know a lot about their products.They had me.

First up is the Vitamin E cream cleanser. Pop a thumb nail of the cleanser on a cotton pad and gently massage into your face. This cleanser is so calming, it doesn’t have that horrible chemical feel about it and it smells so clean. Now its time to tone using the Vitamin E hydrating toner. Poor a small amount of the toner into the middle of the cotton pad and gently wipe the day away. Its the perfect way to wake yourself up in the morning and the most relaxing way to end your day.

My last body shop buy is the Vitamin E Aqua boost sorbet. With this product ‘less is more‘. You only need the amount of the tip of your finger, then all I do is pop a droplet of the sorbet onto my forehead and both cheeks then slowly moisturize into my skin. I’m actually IN LOVE with this product! Yes this is something to shout about. It keeps my face feeling smooth and hydrated through out the day but doesn’t leave my face oily and shiny. However that is not the best thing about this product… Believe it or not you can wear it under your make up and yes, it leaves my make up looking fresh through out the day.

I haven’t yet found that magic cure for keeping those little monsters cough’ spots ‘cough’ at bay. However I will defiantly be buying these products again. I feel like I have found my daily skin care routine in just three simple steps and for me that’s perfect.

No more frog kissing for me.

Ta-ra for now




  1. Alice July 20, 2016 / 6:41 pm

    My skin was really bad in my teens too, so feeling ya on that one! I love their vitamin e range, I use the day cream and the serum. I always find that the ladies in the body shop are really helpful!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • Holly July 20, 2016 / 8:34 pm

      They might have to be my next buy from their. I love a good recommendation thanks 🙂

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