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I have a six month old! An Arthur update #Becoming mum

I have a six month old! An Arthur update #Becoming mum

A six month update

Photography: Abby Davies

Location: Cocolicious

I have a six-month-old! WHAT! Well, technically he will be 7 months old in 11 days. Time really has flown by although I feel as if he has been in my world forever.


Is that a real cliche thing to say? Probably.


Arthur has come on leaps and bounds from when he was that tiny 6lb 8oz little bundle.


He sleeps a bit less. Eats A LOT more and is interested in just about anything!


I wanted to really sit down and think about the last six months. Reminisce over the amazing blissful days and learn from those really tough ones.



Arthur’s progress

A six month update

Arthur is such an energetic 6 months old. He has quickly found his feet and has now started to pull himself up on pretty much anything he can reach, although most of the time that is me. Didn’t you know I was a human climbing frame too?


Although I love the fact he is so energetic and full of life, it does mean we do not stop. Some days I feel as if I could do with a LONG spa day full of relaxation, peace, and quiet. Escape mum life basically. Is that a terrible thing to say?


I can just tell that this winter I am going to be wrapping him up warm and spending a lot of time outside in parks or using and abusing those soft play centers.


He is so into other children it’s lovely to watch. I am lucky in that my best friend has a little boy who is two and I have quite a few other friends with small children so Arthur is around under 5’s quite a lot. I started to notice his social side around 4 and a half months old. His face would just light up, more so when a child or baby was around. So I decided to bite the bullet and start attending baby groups more often.


Weening Arthur

A six month update

Photography: Abby Davies

Location: Cocolicious

I was SO BLOODY excited when we finally decided to ween Arthur. Not because I wanted to rush him off the boob. I love breastfeeding. FYI I haven’t always. More because I couldn’t wait to make up those pureé’s. Find out his favorite foods and I guess just learn a bit more about my favorite little man.


Weening is not as straightforward as I thought it would be. I honestly thought I would start with plain veg, one meal a day then after a few weeks up the amount and up the variations. Well, that didn’t happen. We decided to ween Arthur at 4 months because he was becoming more interested in our food that Jack and I were eating and feeding A LOT more.   He’s definitely our boy as when it comes to food “WE DON’T SHARE FOOD” in the words of Joey Tribiany. 


After about 4 weeks of solid food. Moving onto two meals a day. Feeling as if we were moving forward really well. Arthur got quite an upset tummy and had constipation on and off for around 8-10 days. It was exhausting for both of us, so we had to take a step back. I soon realized that weening is like taking one step forward and two steps back sometimes.


Thankfully he is much better and now eating more food than ever.


Let’s talk teeth

Photography: Jemma Watkins

Location: Sherbourne

I thought Arthur had been teething since around 3 months but boy was I wrong.  The past week he has been waking lots more through the night, crying. Which is unusual for him. His dribble is overwhelming and everything goes in his mouth.


Although the last week has been full of sleepless nights, it does mean more cuddles for me and finally, on Sunday morning, there was a little pearly white to greet us. Even though he has broken his first tooth through I can just tell his second isn’t far off from joining us.


I had to admit, I have been giving him calpol when he wakes in the night and is quite distressed but I really like to keep things as natural as possible. I use the granules throughout the day and a bit of aloe vera gel but these are temporary lasting only about half an hour-hour. We had a little teething bracelet but we lost it because it was too big for him. So if anyone has any natural teething advice then PLEASE leave a comment below. I’d love to know what you did with your bubba’s through this time.


A few thoughts from a mum with a 6-month-old. 

WOW! My life has changed.


I really do not care for fake half hearted people in my life.


I love long walks and appreciate family  A LOT more.


How did my mum do this on her own with two young sisters who constantly argued?


My mum is a superwoman.


I need a coffee


I NEED a Gin. Why do I not own a really cool Gin glass? Why is Gin expensive? I just want a Gin.


2 am. Arthur is awake and ready to play. Please sleep. Why won’t you sleep. Please sleep. Ouch please don’t pull my hair. Omg just be still. Come on baby lets play sleeping lions whoever falls asleep first wins!


(Looks at Arthur) I am so bloody proud of you.


A stranger tells me how aware and forward he is. A sudden burst of pride and joy fill my heart and Yes I am a smug mum who loves to hear that her baby is doing well. Who isn’t?


Spent the best part of the afternoon cooking purreés. HE LOVES IT! OMG, I am so pleased. Feeling like a boss ass mum who makes banquets for her son


Am I a cleaner? Is all I do is clean? Why is my house not like Mrs. Hinches?!


I’m a shit mum. I can’t do this. I’m failing him. Surely he would be better off with someone else.


I love how he looks at me with pure love.


Arthur falls asleep in my arms. Can we just stay like this for just a bit longer?




Much Love




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