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How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

How to transition your wardrobe from Summer to Autumn

Summer to Autumn

I have absolutely loved our summer. It’s been filled with BBQ’s, PicNics, lot’s of eating alfresco and paddling pools. However, I am so excited for Autumn/Winter this year. Those crisp Autumnal walks where the air is cold but the sun is shining down on you. All wrapped up in a coat and scarf getting ready to sit down to that yummy roast. These are my favorite days.


There are of course a long list of things to look forward to in the colder months. Cozy nights in, Christmas, hot chocolates, bonfire night, Halloween, crisp walks, roast dinners. The list goes on. BUT the one thing that has changed for me this year, apart from getting to enjoy all of the above with Arthur, is the fashion.


I am in love with Autumn and Winter style. The bold autumnal colors of mustard, blue, burgundy and reds. The floral dresses from Summer that are walking into Autumn as if they were always meant to be there. Those oversized chunky knits that are finally being lifted up from the bottom of your draws to the top.


Even though this is all so desirable, my style is something that I have had to work on over the years. Finding what suits my body shape and what makes me feel fabulous each day has not come naturally to me. I hate spending loads of money on clothes. I just feel that there are more important things in life, days out with the family, holidays etc…


So, when it comes to my Fashion/Style posts I hope you will always find something that you love and can afford, as well as staying “on trend”.


How I’m making Summer dresses work in my Winter wardrobe

Summer to Autumn


Pairing those summer dresses with a T-shirt or even a roll neck jumper is my favorite way to style those summer dresses that I’m just not quite ready to leave behind yet.


The days of wearing something just because it “looks good” or is “on trend” are behind me. Constantly bending down to pick up Arthur and his toys and being on the move 90% of the day, I have to make sure that I feel comfortable too.


This plain white T from The Milky Tee is not only comfortable but practical too, as it has two zips down each side making it easy for me to feed Arthur. Pairing it with this pretty tea dress from Primark which is not only cute and hugs me in all the right places but is comfy too. Finishing off the outfit with these Van dupes from Loud Look. I am obsessed with these trainers so comfortable and easy to wear with so many outfits.


Switch up your footwear 

Summer to Autumn


I have always loved the look of Dr. Martins on other people but never wanted to take the plunge myself. They always made me feel like Bigfoot, despite having size 4/5 feet. So this year I decided I would take the plunge and buy a pair, but if you’re a regular around here you’ll know that I hate spending loads of money on things. These bad boys are actually from an independent shop on eBay.


This look just makes me feel all kinds of sassy, taking me back to my pre-mum days. Sounds awful, doesn’t it? As if I don’t enjoy being a mum. Actually,y I love it, and couldn’t imagine, I feel this is what I was built to do. HOWEVER, there are times when you just want to remember that woman that once was. Y’know that chick before the boobs leaked in your bra, or with malting hair.


Dresses aren’t just for Summer

You might have seen if you follow me on Instagram. If you don’t, I’d love it if you did… COME SAY HEY!  


Anyway, you might have seen that I went to an Autumn/Winter fashion event last Friday. Hosted by the lovely girls, Fay and Lucy over at Platform3.


It was a great event where not only did I meet some FAB-U-LOUS women, I also picked up some great tips for Autumn/Winter fashion from the amazing fashionista Siobhan,  the creator behind Justauniform.


The whole clueless/uniform style is back and I am loving it. I picked up this gorgeous faux suede, pinafore dress form Primark. To make it fit with the Autumn/Winter weather I paired it with this roll neck black jumper and these cute little trainers from LoudLook. Going into the colder months I would probably hide those pasty legs with some tights, maybe even some chunky knitted ones.


Love to know what your favorite trends are this Autumn.


Much Love




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  1. Clare September 23, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    I love how outfits look with t-shirts layered under dresses, I’m worried it won’t suit me but I really want to try it! Your outfits are lovely. Clare xx

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