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How to stay motivated at the gym

How to stay motivated at the gym

I love to work out.

Say what?!

Yes, I love to workout. I love the feeling I have after I’ve been to the gym. I feel a massive sense of achievement. BUT, yes thats a big but, sometimes I wake up and think “OML, I can not be bothered to go”, “this new christmas brushed cotton duvet cover is just too cosy to leave”, “I’ve had such a long day all I feel like doing is going home having a long bath and a big cuddle with Jack”.

Even though I love the gym I have days when I just don’t feel like going. Sometimes theses days turn into weeks so instead of letting these days turn into weeks, weeks into months, so on and so on, I’ve figured out ways to stay motivated. SOOOO, I’ma share them with you beautiful lot.


Take your gym gear to work.

I always take my gym gear to work with me so as soon as Ive finished I can quickly suit up and go straight to the gym. NO FAFF. No excuses. No turning back. Theres a saying “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” and I apply this to my workouts. If I get ready before I get too cosy at home I know I’m about 90% more likely to go and kick ass at the gym. There’s also nothing like having fresh new work out clothes to kick ass in!

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Schedule in days.

I try and go every Monday, It sets me up for the week. After my Monday workout I have more motivation to carry on. I try and go at least three times a week, more recently I’ve had more motivation, I know I’m thinking the same thing “where the hell has that come from?!” so I bumped my workouts up to four times per week. If Monday is my starting point I usually like to take a break on Wednesday, hump day. I don’t like to say I have cheat days but I tend to eat less healthy, ok less healthy is possibly an understatement, I scoff my face! Who doesn’t love a cheese toasty, chocolate milkshake (done right of course with real ice cream!) and maybe a pack of chocolate fingers.


Mix it up.

I get so bored just doing the same things at the gym all the time. Treadmill. Spin bike. Weights. Its boring. So I mix it up. I set myself little HIIT circuits, which I do 40 seconds of each move then 20 seconds rest. I like to switch up my HIIT circuits every time too. Some days I’ll focus more on using my own body weight, others I’ll focus on free weights, this way I know that during the week I have worked out my entire body.  HIIT circuits are known to be a more effective way to burn more fat. Also they’re kinda fun once you get into them.

Group workouts

As well as my HIIT workouts I like to do at least one group workout per week. Exercise classes are brilliant motivators, if you get the right instructor of course. Not only are the instructors great motivators but everyone seems to ‘group’ together and encourage each other. I especially like ‘Spin’ and ‘Step’ two classes that are mainly cardio which I find difficult to sustain at the gym but when I’m in a class I feel that the hour just flies by and before I know it I’m stretching.

Make yourself a “LETS DO THIS” playlist.

Having a motivational playlist always gets me in the mood and keeps me going throughout my work out.  Music releases endorphins as well as exercise, endorphins are those little things inside your body that make you feel all happy and stuff. So why wouldn’t you combine the two and create a banding playlist for your workout? You just wouldn’t. A few of my favourites are “who runs the world” by the one and only sexy mumma that is Beyonce, “Fire starter” by The Prodigy gets me seriously pumped and “Spectrum (say my name)” by Florence and the Machine, a fantastic spinning track by the way.


Gym buddy.

Sometimes finding that one friend to work out with is all you need to stay motivated. You need to find someone who is at an equal level to you so that you will be able to keep up with each other as well as motivate each other to keep going. A gym buddy is a good idea especially on those days when you really cant be bothered to go or you’ve had a tough day and think the best way of solving it would be to stay in and eat three chocolate bars. So call your workout buddy and go for that run you’ve been meaning to do for the past week.

Allow yourself a break.

You need to take a break. Not only to let your muscles recover but mentally too. Working out everyday can not only be a strain on your muscles but your mind too, it may seem strange but working out all the time can sometimes makes you less motivated. I know it does me, great english there Hols! I usually take a break mid week as well as at the end. On these days I completely let go, I eat whatever I want, I binge on Criminal minds or any other AMAZING drama series on Sky or Netflix.

I hope these tips and tricks keep you fabulous people stay motivated.

I’d love to know your best tips on staying motivated at the gym.

Ta-ra for now



  1. Abbie November 6, 2016 / 8:16 pm

    I absolutely love working out though to look at me you wouldn’t think it haha! I tend to lose motivation very easy and ended up having to do it at 6 o’clock in a morning before work! Great post and great ideas!

    • Holly
      November 6, 2016 / 8:26 pm

      I think working out is more about how it makes you feel then what you look like as a result. I wouldn’t say I look like someone who works out four times a week but I feel like someone who works out four times a week and that is what matters to me :). Amazing effort going at 6am!
      Holly x

  2. Jade November 6, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    I loved this! I’ve literally just signed up for the gym and I already know I’ll struggle to stay motivated, so this will be helpful!

    Jade x

    • Holly
      November 6, 2016 / 8:24 pm

      I’m glad you found this post helpful all of these tips help me.some more than others depending on my mood or the kind of day I’ve had.
      Keep going you’ll feel such a sense of achievement, even if you just go for half an hour. Something is better then nothing.
      Holly x

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