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How to make your house a home on a budget

How to make your house a home on a budget


*I’ve been lucky enough to have been contacted by the ‘Old English Company’ to collaborate with them on this post. Some of the items have been gifted to me, however, all the opinions are honest and my own.*


This post has been sitting in my ‘drafts’ for ageeeess! However, making a house a home is a lengthy process and isn’t something that should be rushed. Especially if you’re working on a strict budget.


When it comes to interiors I’m no expert but that’s kind of the point of this post. We don’t all need to be interior designers to make our houses feel more homely. When you’re working with a tight budget  I know a bargain when I see one. If you’re like me then you’ll know the pain of sitting and lusting over these incredible Instagram accounts filled with the dreamy decor.


A lot of it, way out of my price range. Even if I did have the money to spend I don’t know if my tight pockets would allow me to spend £400 on a coffee table.


Moving house can be expensive, and let’s face it, the first month or two usually are. Especially if you’re moving into your first home. BUT it doesn’t have to be RIDICULOUSLY expensive. In this post, I will share my tips on how you can make your house a home on a budget.

Instagram and Pinterest will either kill you or save you!


What I mean is… It will either save you money or destroy your bank account if you let it.


Instagram and Pinterest are great for inspiration and finding unique items. Use it for just that. Inspiration. What I like to do is use Pinterest to bring together all my ideas and then spend evening upon evening searching for dupes of those expensive items that have fallen on my Pinterest board.



Something some of you may or may not know about me is that I use eBay, A LOT. It’s where the majority of my clothes come from and since moving into our family home is actually where some of those homely items have come from.


So many people still see eBay as a “second hand” online buying and selling site, but I’m here to open the doors to a whole new world. It’s full of amazing little shops that are selling unique or total “basic bitch” products that are brand new.


Upcycling old decor is a cheaper way of creating that Pinterest worthy home you’ve always dreamed of.


Using eBay for “upcycling projects” is amazing and probably the one place I’d recommend, although local Facebook selling pages are pretty good these days too. 


When the time came for us to decorate Arthur’s room, eBay was my best friend.  Say hello cute storage baskets, cot bedding and cute wall prints. I’ve done a super sneaky link to all items in this post, just click on the picture and it will take you straight to it! 


Finding those unique items.

Even though I’d say I’m pretty basic when it comes to my home decor. I do like to find those cute unique items, something that makes my home mine if you will.


I was lucky enough to get sent some items of my choice from The Old English Company who are a stationary and homeware brand that create hand-lettered products. It was so difficult to pick only a few items as I fell head over heels for the style of their brand.


Jack and I are really into cooking, so chopping boards or serving boards are always something I keep an eye out for. So when I saw this Butcher Cuts Pig Board, I just had to have it. It makes my cocoa energy balls look much more appealing don’t you think?


I have linked the photo to the Old English Company’s website so if you like the look of this chopping board you can go and grab one for your self and I’ve just had a look and it’s now only £5.23 which in my opinion is a steal!



Add Pictures and Photos

There’s nothing more homely then putting up pictures of your family and friends. This photo makes me laugh all the time, me and two of my closest girlfriends away on a girls trip to Zantie back in 2014. Partying hard, having cocktails in the sun, taking boat trips and flashing fellow seamen! Now we have kids and own our own homes.


I’m in the process of trying to convince Jack to put a shelf above our bed, for the purpose of having somewhere to put all my lovely photos and cute quote pictures. But as I said making a house a home and how you want it is a lengthy process and sometimes it’s not just the money you have to come by it’s getting that YES from your partner to finally put the finishing touches to your home.


So in the meantime, I’m going to continue to build up my quote collection, starting with this very cute one from the Old English Company, that says exactly how I feel, “home is wherever I’m with you”. Sometimes making a house a home isn’t always about the things you have, it’s the memories you make in it. Yes, we all love nice things but as much as I love my home but it wouldn’t be the same without my boys.


Bring the outside in.



There’s nothing I love more than having plants in my home. I’ve always loved having a bunch of flowers sitting in the window of my kitchen but they soon die and let’s face it, it gets expensive. Unless you have a very generous and hopeless romantic of a partner… if that’s you, I am officially a little jealous as there’s nothing nicer than receiving flowers from a loved one.


Anyway… Owning house plants not only makes your house look a lot more comfortable and loved, but they give back. There’s something very satisfying about keeping plants alive. Yes ok, I keep a tiny human alive on a daily basis but if that’s not your reality I would highly recommend getting yourself one of these bad boys. I picked mine up from Asda and the little basket is from eBay, If you click on the picture it will take you right to that very basket.



OMG. I’m suddenly my mother.


Yet another thing that my mum is right about. I long for this moment when I can watch my son slate me under his breath when I tell him to tidy his room, or at least make his bed in the morning for him later on in life to realise there’s a very good reason for doing this. AND I WAS RIGHT!


Ok, so this doesn’t happen every morning but I try.


Making your bed in the morning is the first achievement of the day and leads you on to make more. I realised this when I was going through a very low phase in my life and I struggled to get out of bed. When I finally managed it the first thing I would do was make the bed.


I have no doubt that I will be purchasing more of these gorgeous slogan pillowcases in the future as I think they scream “climb inside me and get snuggled”. I have linked both pictures to The Old English Companies website so you can go and purchases your own if you like the look of them too.



Much Love




  1. Frankie May 10, 2018 / 7:20 am

    I’ve always loved the pieces from the old English company, especially the ‘big spoon, little spoon’ pillowcases as they just make u wanna snuggle! This cushion is so cute!!
    Completely agree that you don’t have to spend a fortune on home interiors and your home looks just lovely 🙂 xx

    • Holly
      May 16, 2018 / 3:37 pm

      Thanks, Frankie. They’re a great company and really affordable. xx

  2. Erin Franco May 15, 2018 / 12:23 am

    I never thought of using eBay for home decide. LOVE this post. It’s full of great ideas 😊

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