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How to find your Inspiration.

How to find your Inspiration.


So its 8am on Saturday morning, RISE AND SHINE HOLLY, actually I’ve been awake for about an hour now reading emails and doing some much needed instagram stalking, no shame just saying, the power of pictures is incredible. Any HOO, I climed out of bed and chucked on my gym gear ready for my mums spin class. Mum teaches a spin glass every Saturday but today is a little different. Today it’s my mums birthday. At the start of the class my mum started dancing to “its my birthday, its my birthday I’ma spend my money” as I cheered her on people looked around and said “thats fabulous that you’re not embarresed” then I thought to myself, “why would I be?” she dances like she’s 21 again, has more energy then a five year old on skittles and she has the most amount of determitation, drive and motivation I have ever known in a human being. NO JOKE. She is my inspiration every single day.

“Being strong means never giving up, always winning and working hard”- Mum

It’s around this time of year when alot of us start to reflect on our lives and what we are yet to achieve. I wanted to write this post because recently I’ve been thinking about what inspires me or should I say who inspires me. That person would be my mum. Now you might be thinking well of course you would say that she’s your mum. You’d be right, yes I would say that but not just because she’s my mum because I tell you what we havent always seen eye to eye, sometimes we dissagree and sometimes we’ve really locked horns. But she only has herself to blame, she’s raised me to push for what I want and speak my mind, it was only a matter of time before we colided. However that was many years ago now (it actually was like 10 years ago, I’m not just trying to sound old and pratentious)

I belive that your inspiration can be anyone or anything you want it to be. Sometimes people find it hard to find their inspiration in life, I’m very lucky that mine only lives 10 mintues away and I grew up in the same house as her for 18 years. However thats not the same for everyone, sometimes you need to take a moment, or a couple, to really think about who that person is that inspires you to get up every morning and believe in yourself. Sometimes it takes years to be able to figure out what it is that inspires you and then suddenly it just comes to you, but if you’re reading this now, you’re either looking for it,or have already found it.

My mum gives me the most amount of determintation and drive to continue chasing what I want in life. She’s never taught me that things will come easy or that I’ll just be handed things on a plate. When I was little and I wanted pocket money, I would have to work for it and behave, which was difficult for me, when I say work I mean wash the car or hang the washing out I wasn’t forced into child labour. These might be simple things that any parent does to teach their child morals however her real test came when she became a single mum with two young girls still in primary school and a 4 bedroom house in one of the most expensive areas in kent. I have my mum to thank for almost everything I have. She worked her socks off to keep me and Jem in the house we grew up in, and yes she had her moments when she felt like giving up but she didnt. She kept going and with a smile, every day she got up went to work and built her buisness up and up and up. Nothing was going to stop her from achieving what she wanted.

“When life pushes you down. Push back harder!”- Mum 

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Going back to earlier this morning when I joined my mums spin class, I had a moment when I thought about just how proud I am of my mum. I always think to myself, I have it easy compared to mum, if she can bring up two young girls (one being VERY difficult.. yes that would of been me) in a four bed house in a very expensive part of kent, and build a career for herself, ALONE, then why can’t I? So you might be thinking, how did you get all this from a spin class? Well if at now 55 she can make talking and motivating a class of 20 people whilst doing some seriously high intesity exercise look easy then why wouldn’t you walk away from that going “I’m going to totally girl boss the ass out of today!!”

Along the way I can see that Mum has learnt about herself too, she could of doubted herself, she could of said “I can’t do this” “I’m rubbish at this” or “Theres no point” but she didnt,I’d like to think it was because she never wanted Jemma or I to have the same attitude when life got a little tough for us. Everyone says that children lead by exanple and I truly belive in this. I’d like to think I am. I’d like to think I am doing everything I can to have the same mentality that my mum has, becasuse you know what ITS BLOODY AMAZING!

Finally getting to my point. You can find inspiration anywhere. You’ve just got to take a moment and figure out why it is you’re doing what you’re doing. Is it because you want a shiny new car? Is it because you have young children and you want to make them proud? Is it becasue you want to build a career that YOU are proud of? Whatever it may be that inspires you to get up every morming I think it’s important that you know exactly what it is that inspires you.

Would love to know what inspires you or who inspires you. Let me know in the comments below.

Ta-ra for now



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