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How to deal with spot prone skin

How to deal with spot prone skin


This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while now, but I have just made up every excuse up in the book not to just crack on and do it. If I’m honest that’s how I’ve treated my blog for the past month. I remember me saying at the beginning of January that I wanted to write more frequently, but as you are probably more then aware, that has just not been my reality. I do have a real reason as to why but I’m sure I’ll get into that in another post.

Any’Hoo! Here I am for the second time this week, just pausing for my round of applause, talking about how to deal with spot prone skin. A subject that has been predominate in my life for many years, which isn’t great if I’m honest as who the hell actually likes the buggers? Genuine question. I know people enjoy popping them as the likes of Dr Sandra Lee, who have made a career out of it, but when you’re not the popper, having them are not much fun at all!

My skin hasn’t been nearly as bad as some peoples, I wouldn’t even describe it as acne, more like a little mole that would live under my skin then now and again (I say now and again I mean every bloody day for at least 4 years!)  it would pop up and make a mole hill, or more like a mountain under my skin. Gross. I tried every type of pill, lotion and scrub there is, even things like dermalogica (known for helping those with spot prone skin) was like washing acid on my face and would make my skin blotchy and red, not to mention still having those horrible mountains to try and cover up. As I’ve got older and am still having to deal with the buggers I’ve realized that it is all to do with those wonderful lady things called hormones. Oh the joys of being a woman, as if it isn’t enough that we have to deal with bleeding every month, the pressure of weight gain from society oh and not to mention the fact that apparently we are supposed to just wake up looking immaculate, life thought that women could handle just one more problem in their daily life, hormonal skin.

Thankfully, as I’ve got older and learnt to live with my skin, they don’t bother me much, unless of course I’m feeling particularly self conscious. Even so, who wouldn’t want to find a solution for their problematic skin? I think I’ve finally found something that works. I know! I was just as shocked as you are right now. I spent so much time and money on super expensive cleansers, so much time with doctors and dietitians to finally at the grand old age of 22 find a cream, well it’s actually a gelly, but anyway a product that is actually going to help clear up those mountains and stop them from becoming volcanoes and erupting. I’ve got a thing about mountains and hilly things in this post… sometimes I do wonder about myself. 

So here is is. The magic gelly. My knight in shining armour. The fairy god mother of spot creams. Aloe Gelly by Forever. Never heard of it? That’s OK, neither had I until my friend got me to try it. One morning I woke up and could feel a spot brewing under my skin, so instead of attacking it with my nails, I popped on a little fingernail’s worth of the Gelly and by lunch time it had already started to go down. I did the same thing that evening and by the morning my spot was gone! I couldn’t believe it. I had finally found something I could rely on. No more toothpaste on my head scaring my mum and step dad half to death, no more excessive cover up. No more feeling embarrassed on nights out because I’ve got a big red mark on my face where I’ve gone to town on a spot. It’s all about feeling and looking fabulous from now on!

This little genius product has now become one of my daily essentials. Its always in my make up bag as you never know when one of those dreadful mole hills might decide to turn into a mountain.

What are your go-to spot removers? Love to know if any of you have had trouble with your skin, maybe you’ve even tried this little diamond of a product before, please share in the comments.

Ta-ra for now





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