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How to create an at home spa day

How to create an at home spa day


There’s nothing better than escaping to a spa for the day with friends or even on your own.


I’ve done both, both equally as fun and relaxing.


The sauna, the relaxing atmosphere, the champagne on arrival or with your treatments. OH, THE TREATMENTS.


The hour-long massage! The facial that makes you feel like you’ve NEVER cleaned your face properly before now.


When reminiscing about the couple of spa days I’ve been lucky enough to have, I began to wonder, can this ever be re-created at home?


I immediately jumped onto Pinterest and began searching.


Home spa days
How to make sugar scrubs
How to make face masks from your kitchen cupboards
Pamper party treats.
The list went on. So how do you create this tranquil spa day at home?


Disclaimer: This post will not include a luxury sauna, a professional…anything or a swimming pool. Champagne is a must.


What you will need to create the perfect for the home spa day.


First things first. You’ll need to make sure you have the house to yourself.


Mums, get dad to take the kids out for a couple of hours. Ladies, get your flatmates or partner involved or tell them to GET LOST, its time for you.


You want to create a calm, relaxing sanctuary for yourself. The best way for me to do this is to turn down the lights, draw the curtains and burn my favorite scented candle.


Run yourself a warm bubble bath. Baths are SUCH a necessity for me. I need them. YES. I need them, not for staying clean and smelling good (that’s the bonus) but for my sanity. I haven’t actually found my favorite bubble bath yet. Disgraceful I know, so please, leave me some recommendations in the comments below.


Make your bed or your sofa the coziest place to lay back and relax. How about including soft blankets, your favorite pillow and a drink of choice. As I’m pregnant, Champagne is unfortunately off the table. Instead, I opted for a hot chocolate with all the trimmings.


Choose your treatments. The point of this at home spa day is to not spend a small fortune on products and treatments but still get that refreshed feeling. So don’t feel the pressure to stock your product box with the latest facemasks, scrubs, and moisturizers, you can create all of these out of your kitchen cupboards instead. With that in mind, why not go wild and choose them all?

How to make my vanilla sugar scrub

I wasn’t sure how this was going to turn out.


It could have been a huge mess. Ruin my skin and generally be a disaster.


I can happily tell you it wasn’t. Quite the opposite actually.


So I thought I’d share how I made the best body scrub I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few over the years) by using only three simple ingredients you can find in your kitchen cupboards.


What you will need:


128g Brown sugar or
64g Olive Oil or coconut oil
2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
That’s it. That’s all you’ll need.


Then its as simple as one, two, three (pun intended) mix them all together and there you have it. A luxurious sugar scrub made from just three ingredients that you will find in your kitchen cupboard.


Other ways to TREAT yourself during your spa day.

Now you may just have enough time for a long bubble bath and face mask whilst drinking your favorite beverage of choice.


However, it is called a spa DAY for a reason. Even when it’s in your own home. So take this as serious as attending that important meeting, taking and watching your kids play football or even treating your family to a roast on a Sunday.


YOU are important. So take care of YOU and treat yourself to an entire DAY.


You can create your perfect spa day without spending a fortune.


For Christmas one year I got given this gel nail UV lamp and a few colors. I love it! They never last as long as if I got them done professionally but A LOT longer than normal nail varnish. For £5 per color, you can’t really go wrong. So for me doing my nails as one of my treatments was a no-brainer.


Don’t worry if you don’t have a gel kit, there are some fabulous gel nail polishes out there for you to try. Tea and Curls did a great review of a few festive colors using gel polishes which I am eager to try and test for myself, although breaking away from my beloved kit will be hard.


If doing your own nails doesn’t sound like your idea of relaxation then how about a foot spa. I bought mine off Amazon for only £21.97 and I love it. Although it’s not a super fancy one, it does the job. Mixed in with a few seated oils and maybe a foot scrub beforehand, I’m in heaven!


Don’t panic, you can easily re-create this with a bowl big enough to fit both your feet in comfortably, some scented oils, or even just a simple mix of coconut oil, some lavender or rose petals and warm water to cover your feet. This always leaves my feet feeling ultra smooth and smelling AMAZING!


If none of the above seem like your idea of relaxation take the rest of the day to get into your comfies, find a cozy spot within your house and relax in front of your favorite film, a good book or even just close your eyes and take a nap.


I’m so excited to create some more treatments by using only household ingredients, so if you liked this post and would like me to share some of these recipes (maybe concoctions is a better word) then please let me know in the comments.



Much Love






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