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How to boss your bath time

How to boss your bath time


Everywhere you look (on social media) at the moment you see the word “self-care”. This is a GREAT thing. I totally believe that when we need to we need to take care of ourselves. Baths for me are my ultimate “self-care” therapy.


In this post, I want to give you all my best tips to make your bath time something magical. A safe space. A place where you can fully immerse yourself in well, yourself.


As I’m sure a lot of you already know baths for me are more than just hot water in a tub. They’re a time when I can relax, switch off, and can just allow myself some me time. They not only help me with my mental health but they help me relax my entire body which is great after a workout.


I’ve been talking all things baths lately on my social media as it’s become a slight obsession of mine. I’ve invested so much in my baths not only making time for them but purchasing lots of essential bath products.


Everything from bath bombs to flower petals. Yes, flower petals.


I never thought I would become one of those people who believes in the art of meditation, the force of flowers and plants, the energy of crystals and positive vibes. Y’know what it turns out all these things are slowly but surely helping me with my anxiety. Something I never thought I’d have but hey, life happens.


I have had anxiety for about 4 years now. Some days can be really tough, sometimes it cripples me to tears and makes all that sassy, fun, creative side go away and brings out this miserable, mood sucker, a lifeless woman who just has no idea what’s good in her life. It’s horrible. But let me tell you, baths flush away that lifeless woman and bring that fresh creative sassy lady back. Each time. Every time.


Even if your not someone who suffers from anxiety, baths can be a place of relaxation that everyone can enjoy. So take whatever suits you best from this post.


Let’s set the scene first.

To make your bath a relaxation heaven I always think candles are a must. They don’t have to be scented ones. I actually prefer to use non-scented candles for my baths as I always add a smelly bath bomb or an essential oil. There is something special, and extra relaxing about lying in a tub full of warm water by candlelight.


When someone talks about ‘candlelight’ I immediately think “romantic” and “love”. So what better way to start your relaxation and self-care session with a little bit of romantic lighting because who better to love than yourself, right?


Pick your potion


Picking the perfect bath potion is so important when creating your little slice of heaven. Whenever I go to have a bath there is 95% of the time a darn good reason. Either it’s because I’m stressed, tired, can’t switch off, anxious or in need of a good soak to relax my muscles. With this in mind, I always make sure I pick a “potion” that will counter-act those feelings and emotions.


If I’m stressed I will pick a bath bomb that will help me relax.


When I’m feeling anxious I will use petals, essential oils, candles and maybe even a bubble bar too.


Of course Lush are incredible for bath bombs, bubble bars and basically all things bath time. However recently I’ve been loving the Bomb cosmetic bath bombs too.


If I have just done a hard workout at the gym and my muscles are in need of some TLC then I will mix some salts with a bath bomb that contains remedies to help your muscles relax.


Turn off all distraction

We are all so addicted to our phones. It can be one of the big reasons none of us really know how to relax. We need to relax and take time out so that our minds can then become more creative.


Put down the phone and step into the bath.


Bath time is a time where we can re-charge ourselves, NOT our phones. I often use my phone for music whilst in the bath but I make sure it is out of reach once I’m in the tub.


Depending on what my reasons are for having a bath, I may take a good book with me. I may even simply just lay quietly, or sometimes I take this opportunity to meditate.


Its important to stay hydrated 

When it comes to a bath my pre-baby beverage of choice would of course be a beautiful glass of wine, but that mouth watering beverage has been out of my life for over 9 months now. In no way do I hold a grunge. Although, when that moment comes when I can enjoy a lushous glass of red in a warm bubble bath will be a GREAT moment!


For now, tea will do.


Making sure you have a drink that relaxes you, keeps your mind peaceful and is a little treat for yourself is so important.


I have always said baths are one thing I will always make time for. They enrich my soal. Keep me sane. Help me grow and most importantly help me relax. All of these things I feel are important for all people to make time for, no matter what your situation.


If you take care of number one, you’re taking care of number two. 


Much Love



  1. sharnah April 24, 2018 / 7:54 pm

    can’t even explain how much I loved this post. Everything about it, the writing and the pictures. I agree with you 100%. I take baths all the time, if i get really stressed/anxious all of a sudden-ill take a bath. If i am bored-ill take a bath. I just love baths, they help me relax so much and find the water so calming. People always go “self care isnt a lush bath bomb” but you know what sometimes (a lot of the time for me) self-care is running yourself a nice bath. Great post xx

    • Holly
      April 25, 2018 / 3:38 pm

      Defiantly agree with you here. Baths make me feel so much better so quickly. I think self care is whatever makes you feel better. Makes you feel more yourself. Brings you back to your roots if you will. Keeps you grounded.

      Thank you I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Really makes me enjoy writing so much more when other people can love what I write too. So thank you

      Much Love

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