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Hey,Its OK to argue

Hey,Its OK to argue

This might seem like a strange post, but hear me out.

Many people don’t like to admit they argue in their relationships. They see it as a sign of weakness. It’s not.


Arguing with your partner doesn’t always mean you have a terrible relationship and that things wont work out between you both. I’m no relationship guru but I know who I am and I’ve never met anyone who I agree with in every way shape or form. I know that I will never be in a relationship where arguments don’t happen. SO, I’m honest from the outset. I speak my mind and if that turns into a “heated discussion” or even an “argument” then so be it.

Don’t be scared to say something is bothering you, the worst thing you can do is not talk about it. And yes talking is a lot different then arguing but I can’t be the only person that when something really pisses me off, all I want to do is tell that person I AM PISSED OFF.

Now, I know that arguing every day with your partner is defiantly not a good thing, its exhausting if anything else, and if this was happening I would start to question the relationship. Saying that even I have been through times where I have argued with my partner everyday, the difference is that we addressed the issue, built a wall and climbed over it TOGETHER.


So this is my point.

Its not always about the argument, its how you get over the argument that is key to the growth of your relationship.

Learning to let go is pretty dam important, you know that old cliche “the past is called the past for a reason” or something like that. Well its true. Learn to leave the past in the past and only look back in search for good memories.

I always think that as long as at the end of an argument you are able to come to some conclusion on how you are both going to resolve the situation, then surely it was a good thing that that argument happened because now you can sort the situation out together. Two heads are better then one.

Make up sex. Just throwing it out there, always great for when that argument about how he leaves his socks EVERYWHERE has gone that little bit too far.

Y’know what, you do have to work at a relationship, but you should enjoy working at it because you love that person and you enjoy being with them. I’m basically trying to say, you shouldn’t feel ashamed, or worried or think your relationship is doomed because you have started to argue with your partner, most couples do, they just don’t like to say  it.

 Ta-ra for now



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