Hey,Its OK… dance in your undies

Hey,Its OK… dance in your undies




Hey ladies, guess what! Its OK to go a bit cray and have fun on your own in your undies.

Ok. I’m not exactly in my undies in those photos but some things are just for yourself.

When I was younger and living with my mum I would grasp those home alone days with both hands and have my own little party. I would love blasting my music and dancing around either stark bullock  boobie naked or in my undies. There’s something about being naked on your own and doing something that makes you feel good that is so liberating. For me that’s dancing like no one is watching and singing like no one is listening. Believe me no one would want to listen or watch. Even though this used to be a regular occurrence for me, as I’ve got older and started living with my boyfriend I found myself consuming my time with boring house hold chores when I’m home. But the other day I found myself home alone and in the mood for a dance.

This may seem a bit bizarre for some people but its about letting go of your self critic, letting go of caring about what other people think and just enjoying life through the little things. Your self critic can be your own worst enemy (Believe me it is mine). Don’t let it take over your world. Doing simple, funny exercise like this is a big slap in the face for your self critic, and hey, who wouldn’t want to slap that ugly bastard  round the face?!

Sometimes doing things that make me, and only me happy can be really difficult. That little voice inside my head pops up and tells me I don’t deserve it, or that I could be sorting out my wardrobe or doing the washing. It takes a lot to shut this voice out but lately she hasn’t been around, and I feel amazing!

So, next time you’re home alone, whack on a bit of destiny’s child, strip off to your undies and DANCE.

 Let me know what you do on your own that makes you happy.

Ta-ra for now



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