Hey Its OK… To have an opinion

Hey Its OK… To have an opinion

Siara khan

Now I don’t follow Big Brother, but I L.O.V.E loose women and in this series of Big Brother loose womens very own Saira Khan was a housemate.

She lasted 12 days and I think I’m right in saying that was quite enough for her. She was labeled one of the most opinionated housemates in there and it was made out to be a bad thing.

I disagree. Having an opinion is not a bad thing. Its a good thing.

I enjoy talking and listening to people with an opinion on things other then “what the best contour pallet is” or “who the best Kardashian is”. Don’t get me wrong, I love using contour pallets and I am partial to a bit of KUWTK but they aren’t the only things I can talk about and they’re not the only subjects I have an opinion on.

Some of my friends and people I have met have said to me ‘I always have an opinion’. I used to take this as a negative comment, now I’m a little older and feel more confident in myself as each day passes, I take this as a good thing.

It means I can talk about pretty much anything.

There are some subjects that I have a very strong opinion on and some that are not so close to my heart therefore having a discussion about something can change that opinion. This doesn’t mean I’m weak, or contrary it just says that I am open to listen and learn about what other people have to say on that subject.

When Saira was in the house she asked a lot of questions, people took this the wrong way and found it over powering and felt like she had a game plan. In fact she says she was genuinely interested in what the answer was. She found it difficult as a lot of people in the house were not open to discussions about REAL life subjects and didn’t understand how she had so many opinions.

It was also said that she tries to push her opinions onto others. There is a very thin line between pushing your opinions onto someone else and feeling passionate about a certain subject.

As I mentioned before, I have a strong opinion on some topics, therefore when locked in a conversation about one of those topics I may come across as if I’m trying to force my opinion onto to others.That is not the case, it is just my passion for that subject coming out in the conversation.

Everyone in the world is unique.

I believe everyone has their own opinions on things. Whether they choose to share it or not is a different matter. If you are one of these people who do not like to share their opinion in worry of offending others then that is your prerogative, BUT please do not judge someone else for wanting to express theirs. Similarly, if you want you want your opinion to be listened to and taken on bored then you have to do the same for others.

Don’t go about shouting your opinion thinking everyone is going to agree.

I have always had a strong mind. I don’t mean this in an academic way but in the sense that I know my own mind and I am not easily swayed. I have never been peer pressured into doing something I really didn’t want to do. When I was younger I would go round expressing my opinion when it wasn’t asked for. I would shout my opinion out and not want to listen to others. I have lived and learnt. There are times and places when sharing your opinion is not always the best idea. I have learnt to listen to others and to open my mind to new ways of thinking.

For example. I have always felt that when you break up with a boyfriend you also break up with their family too. This seems extremely harsh, but I have always felt like it wasn’t fair for not only the “new girlfriend” but for yourself. How could you possibly have closure on a break up if you are constantly throwing salt in the wound. However, family and a friend of mine have opened my mind to the idea of staying friendly with an ex’s family. They put it to me like this. “Just because he/she doesn’t like you anymore doesn’t mean his/her family don’t.” They are so right. I felt like it was always unfair on the new girlfriend/boyfriend as they wouldn’t be able to get as close to the family as the family resented the fact that their brother/sister/son/cousin whatever has a new partner. However this is not true. If all parties accept the fact the break up has happened and respect the decision of the couple (ex couple) then there should be no reason why the family can’t see and speak to the ex.

My mind was opened and my opinion was changed.

I enjoy having an opinion, I enjoy listening to others and most of all I love it when I am able to grow by opening my mind and allowing someone else’s insight to collide with mine.

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts as long as you stay respectful to others then there should be no need for anyone to take offence to your opinion.

Let me know your opinion, hey’ see what I did there, on this topic.

Ta-ra for now




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