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Hey, Its NOT ok to Body Shame.

Hey, Its NOT ok to Body Shame.


Ladies.. Lets talk about Body Shaming.

A big topic in the world at the moment… Well lets be honest women’s bodies have been a big topic around the world for many MANY years. I ask the question WHY?

Why is it that women’s bodies are always in the spot light. Please, PLEASE don’t get me wrong I believe we should all love our bodies as long as we’re healthy happy and having fun then what does it matter what we look like? Totally a rhetorical question as the answer is IT DOESN’T!!!

The other day I came across this picture on Instagram.


Under this beautiful woman were comments like “How can this work as a model? Fat isn’t good, hiring fat women to represent people with unhealthy bodies?…” this horrible comment continues but I’m gonna stop right there. How does this girl, lets call her @firstcomment (and yes this post was from another woman) know that this model isn’t living a healthy lifestyle? She doesn’t. Even worse than this woman’s comment, was the response, “@firstcomment bitch, you are a skinny anorexic. How the fuck is that healthy?…(this comment also continues but I’ll stop it there)”. This is body shaming. Its SO ugly. Why do us women feel the need to bash other women’s bodies? We should be accepting our bodies and others for what they are not shouting insults at each other.

Don’t judge her by the picture you see, she is beautiful and is wearing a sports bra that fits her well (which is what the whole post was ACTUALLY about) so WHY are we body shaming her?

Reading through some of the comments good and bad got me thinking about how we label others, and our own bodies. Thick, curvy, skinny, athletic, strong, apple,pear,top heavy,bottom heavy,thin, fat, obese, boyish…. the list goes on. Why do we even have labels OR categories in which women are placed. In actual fact every single human being has an entirely different body. Yes ok they can be similar but we are all unique.

Even I am ashamed to say I have judged myself and others on their body shape (just being honest). When I saw this picture, read the comments and even saw this women being discussed so much in the media it made me realise how wrong I was for doing so. I suddenly thought “hey, as long as you’re the three H’s Healthy, Happy and Having fun  what does it matter what you look like.”

Below: Me obsessing over the fact that I had put on a couple of lbs over my holiday. Hey, note to self, its ok to put on a couple of lbs whilst you’re on holiday.


I have had days when I’ve compared myself to my friends who lets say, have a different body shape to me, thinking to myself “I’m so fat compared.”  I’m not saying I will never have days when I feel that way again but most of the time I am going to try to abolish these horrible self obsessive and self critical thoughts about my body. Its is NOT healthy.

We’ve come such a long way from seeing unhealthy models on the cat walk that were causing young women to develop eating disorders, but we still have a long way to go.

I hope one day we will see all types of body shapes in the magazines and instead of talking about how they achieved their “amazing summer bod” we will be reading about their other achievements.

I’m going to leave you with this photo of me and my amazingly beautiful girlfriends all dressed like Beyonce and OWNING IT!


P.S let me know your views on this topic.

Ta-ra for now



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  1. Dragon February 27, 2017 / 7:09 am

    This arictle keeps it real, no doubt.

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