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Hanging up the heels

Hanging up the heels

I’m so pleased to be back into blogging again.

It was so lovely to receive such amazing feedback from you all! Such a huge welcome too.

So thank you.

In my last post, that you can find >here<, I spoke about my blogging goals for 2018 and what you can expect to see from Hey, it’s ok over the next year.

I spoke about a new page I wanted to create called “Being Mum” which I’m am currently brainstorming ideas for as we speak. Whilst brainstorming I began thinking about how my life has already changed. How I have already changed.

I’m not the same person I once was. In a good way. I’m becoming mum.

Even though that sassy, outspoken, heel wearing, gym loving, wine loving girl is still in there, she’s taken a bit of a back seat for a while and has decided to hang up the heels. For the moment anyway.

Why? I here you ask. Because being mum sometimes means wearing shoes you can actually walk in.

Sounds like a insanely good metaphor for life right? It could be. But I’ll let you decide.

Change can be a scary thing.

I like to think that the word can in that sentance is a postive one.

Change can often fill us with dread. Especially when we’re not really sure what to expect.

I mean it’s not like we have a crystal ball that we can peer into and see our future. Even though that would be pretty cool.

I’ve come to realise that it’s all about perspective.

Change can be exciting, liberating and often a huge relief.

BUT, it’s all about how you choose to look at it. Choose to see the postives in your situation. Even if it’s something you’re dreading, choose to see how you could learn from it.


What will this mean for Hey, it’s ok?

If I’m honest, I’m not really sure but I have a few hopes and dreams for my little space on the internet.

I’ve come back into blogging with a fresh new outlook. The view that “hanging up the heels” means creating a new space where people don’t feel like they have to aspire to that instagram famous fashion blogger they see on their feed.

A space where its ok to stay in your pyjamas basically the whole day because A) Hey! They’re bloody comfy or B) You’ve had absolutely┬ázero time to get changed wash your hair, or even look at your hair for that matter because you’ve had to tend to your screaming child every moment of the day or C) you had a tough week and needed a self-care day.

A space where you don’t have to spend hours searching the internet for those bargains because oh look, I’ve done it for you.

I suppose in a way, Hey, it’s ok hasn’t and won’t change much. They’ll just be a tad more baby/mum chat and A LOT more bargains and A LOT more content.

If you’re down for that, then AMAZING, I love you already and don’t forget to say “HEY”. If not then that’s cool too. No judgement or bad vibes will be thrown your way.



Much love



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