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A festival fashion and make up lookbook

A festival fashion and make up lookbook

As festival season is in full swing I thought it was only fitting that I wrote a blog post all about my favourite festival looks this year.

I’m not really a festival chick. The mud. Not washing for days. Trying to find your tent late at night or early hours of the morning. Don’t even get me started on the cups of piss that get chucked around whilst you’re shaking your booty to your favourite song! NO THANK YOU.

Luckily, my friend turned 25 on Wednesday so last weekend was the perfect time for a “festival themed” party. I got the best of both worlds. Dressing head to toe in festival fashion and going wild with the glitter.

I’m no make-up artist, hairdresser or fashion expert but I had SO MUCH FUN putting together this look.

Be Bold you beauty! 

I was so grateful for Luna beam to gift me some amazing glitter to create the sassiest unicorn inspired festival look. I used Atlantis around my hairline and above my eyebrows. Followed by Candyfloss and Peach Sherbet under my eyes. I didn’t stop there when it came to the glitter. I got over excited, ok (rolls eyes). Using a little bit of hair spray to create a sticky base I added the gorgeous Atlantis to my parting and the tops of my plaits.

There’s something you should know about me. When glitter and I get together there is no such thing as less is more. I just LOVE THE STUFF!

When It came to the rest of my makeup, I was feeling summery, fun and fabulous. I wanted a bright colour to match my bright and cheerful mood. So what better than a bold orange lip using Mac’s amplified creme lipstick in shade Morange with a bit of Peach Sherbet to add that extra summin’ summin’. To create my firey smokey eyes I used NYX liquid lipstick in shade Zurich followed by a gold shimmer eyeshadow from my W7 in the buff palette. Check out my post >here< to find out how to create some gorgeous looks using NYX liquid lipsticks.

Jessica went for a more “put together” look when it came to the glitter. She carefully placed small gems under her left eye (your right) and created a half moon around her right temple (your left) using the glitter. When it came to her eye makeup she went for a subtle silver smokey eye with a slight shimmer on the inner corners. Finishing the look off with a beautiful bold lip!!

Festival Fashion Favourites 

“Photo by Marie Francesca”

You don’t have to wear a skimpy leotard, a pink tutu and a unicorn headband to look gorgeous at a festival. My lovely friends pull off the more Bohemian look so well. The beautiful Abby (on your right) is wearing a gorgeous two piece from The Wild Flowers. She also rocked this awesome headband from Asos. I couldn’t find the original, however, I did find this cute pink one.

How gorgeous does my friend Anna look in a simple sheer t-shirt with denim shorts and classic vans?! Anna’s sheer top steals the show in her outfit with those vibrant sequin spots, pairing it with a crop top underneath. When it comes to festival fashion you want to be comfortable. You want to be able to shake that booty without having to keep fiddling around with your outfit throughout the night/day. Anna show’s how you can achieve a cool, casual festival look perfectly.

“Photo by Marie Francesca”

Lately, I’ve got more and more into my accessories. They can make or break and outfit. As I’m ridiculously skint ATM I needed to put together a festival outfit without spending a silly amount of money. How did I achieve this I hear you ask? I raided my mother’s wardrobe for accessories, put on those gorgeous sassy tassel earrings from H&M and covered myself in glitter. I used a belt as a chunky necklace and broke up the plain old shorts and white strappy top with a chunky belt.

When it comes to finding that perfect festival outfit you have to make sure everything about it speaks “this is me and I’m here for a good time”. You want to be able to be comfortable yet at the same time show bursts of your mood or personality. As much as it may seem like an amazing idea to dress in a gorgeous playsuit, when it comes to practicalities like using those horrid porta-loos I think you’d start to regret your choice.

So stay comfy. Be practical. And have fun. 

I hope you enjoyed this festival lookbook. I can’t wait to be able to do more fashion and makeup posts soon. Please let me know what you all thought in the comments below. Along with any festival fashion tips and tricks of your own. make sure this summer you’re:


Ta-ra for now




  1. katie August 6, 2017 / 2:23 pm

    i would soooo have done the same as you and got crazy overexcited about the glitter! what’s the point of a festival (or festival party in your case!) if you can’t literally douse yourself head to toe in the shiny stuff!!?

    i love the idea of a festival themed party too…might knick that one for my 25th!

    katie xx

    ps. you and your friends are insanely beautiful!

  2. Hannah October 29, 2017 / 3:22 pm

    You all look so beautiful – a festival theme party sounds like so much fun! I would love to have glitter routes but I bet it’s such a pain to get out haha!

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