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Facing your Fear

Facing your Fear


Hello again, Ok so I’ve been doing a few serious posts lately but they are all topics that have been playing on my mind so sorry if you are feeling like “hey,its ok” is a bit of a serious sally atm but it is my space to share my thoughts and right now I’m on a bit of a mission to be more positive and over come some serious life hurdles. Facing my fears is one of them.

There are so many of us that stay in a job or relationship or even a country or home that just sends us into an early grave filled with stress, anxiety and even depression and for what? Because we are afraid of change or afraid of the un-known. Usually it’s money, ugh you know what, I wish money wasn’t something we had to think about. I wish that it was only a matter of trade, like the times when you would trade a pig for three chickens because he needed a pig and you needed three chickens, great analogy hols where the hell did the chicken and pigs come from? Anyway moving on, I used to think of money on a daily basis, worrying that I wouldn’t make it through the month, now I’ve done a total 360 and I take it out of every equation. I took a big leap and spent money to make more money but that initial pay out has been repaid plus more! So I faced my first fear and it paid off, literally. So I know money is something most of us can’t do without BUT and this is a big BUT, once you’re gone what is left to your great grandchildren? A load of money that they don’t know where it came from. Or maybe the memories of all those stories you told them about traveling the world, all the lessons you learnt through your adventures, all the memories they will have just through you spending quality time with them. Isn’t all of that worth so much more then money?

“Don’t let something as meaningless as money stop you from doing something creative and different”

Maybe for you facing your fear is more about doing something that absolutely puts the, in the words of my beloved old friend King Julian, the hibbie geebies in you. Like holding a snake, ok that would defiantly scare me but you know what the feeling you get after you’ve faced your fear is like no other. As I mentioned in my post about how to improve on your confidence in 2017, facing your fears is one of my top 10 tips. Whenever I do something that scares me I have this massive adrenaline rush. A sudden wave of emotions come over me and I feel like nothing can stop me even though that feeling of “oh my life what am I doing” is still there the adrenaline is so over whelming stopping is not an option. Few, I did it. Once you’ve pushed through the whirl wind of emotions a sigh of relief hits you. I did it. I actually faced my fear and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. In comes achievement. Once you’ve completed something that was so difficult for you to do you find yourself feeling a massive sense of achievement and so you should. You just faced your fear! Don’t let go of those feelings that are so much greater then fear. Hold on to them so that next time you find something scary you’ll go into it feeling that little bit more confident then before.

“The feeling of achievement is far greater then the feeling of fear”

I think over the years the list of things that scare me have multiplied, so each day, one by one, I’m ticking them off my fear list. Oh here we go again with the lists, honestly I know it must be getting boring now but I live by my lists. I think Jack must go stir-crazy with all the note pads I have around the house just full of lists for multiple things. I’m going to take you back to December 2015 when I was on my first of four flights to New Zealand. After a rocky year I was ready to move forward and enjoy my two month holiday but also set myself up for a brilliant year in 2016, so I wrote down all the things that scared me and have slowly over the past year, been ticking them off one by one. Looking back I’ve over come so many things and I start to feel confident and proud of myself, pushing me to keep going even when things scare me. I feel like facing my fears has made my life so much more exciting, OK yes I still love a night in with my unicorn slippers and a hot chocolate with all the trimmings but that’s besides the point, taking risks creates excitement in my life.

“She who dares, wins”

I saw a fantastic quote earlier today, Fear has two meanings: Forget everything and run and Face everything and rise. This really hit home with me. In life you always have choices, you can make the choice to run from the challenges in life or you can face them. The people who run will always be running, I know I’m a gym bunny but common!  Having a choice is a wonderful thing, so use it to your advantage, push your boundaries and see what happens, just for fun y’know. People who face their fears create a world that they enjoy and feel proud of. I say lets learn to love our fears as they help us grow and move in to a better place in our own little world.

So I guess what I’m trying to say is, it doesn’t really matter if you find something scary or you get the hibbie gibbies over certain animals or situations, because that means there is still something left for you to achieve. Find that thing that scares you and just GO FOR IT! I’ll leave you with this quote that I found really inspirational.

“Your only limit is you”

Ta- ra for now




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  1. Jenny February 1, 2017 / 3:56 pm

    Life is so much better when you’re positive about things and face your fears and do what you really want to do x

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