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Do’s and Don’ts when taking a road trip alone

Do’s and Don’ts when taking a road trip alone


I did it. I am super proud of myself for safely, calmly and generally staying alive on the longest drive I’ve ever done. I don’t mean to sound OTT but I have never driven so far on my own before. This is a massive accomplishment for me as I hate getting lost so driving all the way down to Sherborne on my own was a test for me, and in my opinion ‘because, y’know who’s else matters when you’re travelling alone’ I passed with flying colours.

I knew I needed to be prepared for a long drive. Anything up to 4 hours maybe longer if traffic was terrible. So the first thing I did was prep my silver stead.

That leads me to No.1 on the DO list:

  1. Check your car. Make sure, a couple of days before setting off, that you’ve checked your car over. You want to make sure all your wheels are pumped and road legal. Check your oil, lights and whipper washer. I say a couple of days before as you want to leave enough time for any repairs you need to make.
  2. Playlist, Playlist,Playlist. Make sure you’ve got an awesome play list to listen to. This is a big one for me and TBH my younger self would of put this at the top of my priorities. You need a good balance of singalong tunes, old school anthems and something that is just great to drive to.
  3. Snacks and drinks. The day before I left I went and brought myself a large bag of salt and vinegar twirls and sweet and salty popcorn. Two of may favourite, hand in the bag and straight in the mouth, snacks. For drinks I made my super refreshing Grapefruit smoothie ‘see her for recipe’ and made sure I had enough water. You don’t want too much other wise nature will be calling to you more than once or twice on your trip.
  4. Plan and print your route. Its always a good idea to plan the route you want to take and print the map and directions off so you have them beside you on the passenger seat. Sat nav’s are great and google maps has saved my arse more than once BUT nothing beets good old fashioned map. If your like me, you’ll take one look at a road map and think it looks like a two year olds scribbles. A print out of the directions and your route lade out on the map in clear blue line is the happy medium between sat nav and old fashioned map.


Now we come to the DON’TS:

  1. Don’t stress. If you go a bit cross country, take a wrong turn or find yourself wanting to throw your sat nav out the window and tell it to DO ONE! Take a deep breath, find a safe place to pull over and find your bearings. Don’t stress that you won’t arrive at the time you wanted to, or that the person you went to see will be annoyed because you missed dinner. Just ring them or give them a quick text to say “I might be a bit late”. If they’re any kind of friend they’ll understand.
  2. Pick your bottles. Don’t put your drink in a screw top bottle. This is extremely fiddly to do one handed, and once you get the teeth involved you know its going to end in ‘look who’s just wet themselves’ looking pants. So stay clear of the screw tops.
  3. Don’t always go with what sat nav says. We all know the woman (or man) in the sat nav can get a bit confused and suddenly turn into one of your nightmare teachers from primary school. Choose to ignore the evil voice telling you there is a quicker way. Its not always quicker. Its just different


My final and biggest tip is:


Enjoy your drive. When spending at least 3 and a half hours in the car, you want to be able to enjoy yourself as much as possible.Its the beginning of a great trip, start it off right.

Ta-ra for now



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