The hair cair routine you need this summer

Does anyone else find that in the summer/warmer months their hair gets all frizzy and dry? Mine defiantly does. It’s such a pain.   Much like my skin-care routine, I’ve never put much thought or… View Post

The miracle eye serum you need in your life

*This post is in collaboration with Eyewake. I have used the product for over two weeks now so feel I can give my honest opinion on the product. Even though the product was gifted all… View Post

How to boss your bath time

  Everywhere you look (on social media) at the moment you see the word “self-care”. This is a GREAT thing. I totally believe that when we need to we need to take care of ourselves.… View Post

3 quality DIY face masks that really work

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been trying out a few DIY face masks. Mainly because this mumma is low on the old “treat me” funds. Also I’ve always wondered if putting avocado on… View Post

The power of statement earrings

Hello you sexy people. I’m back after a leangthy two weeks no posts. I’m pregnant, so give me a little slack. LOL just about the only excuse I can use, not for much longer though.… View Post