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A blogger collaboration with Becc4

A blogger collaboration with Becc4
This is the Beautiful Becca from Becc4

Hi Becca, Welcome to Hey, it’s ok. I’m so excited that you are the very first blogger I’m collaborating with this year. So tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hiya Holly and her lovely readers! My name is Becca and I’m a third year Psychology student in Southampton. I write beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle blog called Becc4. 2018 was the year of travel for me – I visited Amsterdam, Bali, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia and Iceland.

Wow a student who is living their best life traveling. Sounds Incredible..So What Inspired you to create your blog?

I love taking photos and oversharing so a blog seemed like the perfect outlet for me…

Blog’s are such a great way to express your creative side aren’t they but also take time. You’re now in your third and final year of UNI, how do you manage both your blog and UNI work?

Hahah not very well… I made my blog during exam season last year as a form of procrastination. I’m always working on my blog when I should be writing my dissertation or revising for exams. I find the best way to juggle them both, however, is to make to do lists and stick to them. I also try to write, take photos and schedule posts as and when I can. This saves time in my day to life.

To-do lists are my go to for getting organised. Schedualing posts is something I defiantly need to do more of. For all the fellow students out there, have you any advice for knuckling down and reaching the grades you want?

My biggest tip would be to stay on top of your work. You’re set weekly readings for a reason, try and read them each week other the last few weeks before exams are disgusting. I’d also recommend making cue cards and practicing all of the past exam questions you can find. The same questions tend to come up every few years so practicing all of the ones that have come up before is a really good use of time!

So you’ve been blogging for a year now, what would you say are the best and worst things are about the blogger industry. 

Photo’s taken by Becca

The best thing by far is the people that I’ve met through my blog and social media. I’ve made some really good friends, one of which has even come to stay with me at my uni house! The friendships I’ve made are fab and I’d never have met them if it weren’t for my blog! The other highlights are of course the opportunities; the products to try, events to attend and sponsored posts to write. The worst part is by far the bitchiness and jealousy within the community. Whilst the majority of people are really great, there are a few bloggers who seem to enjoy causing drama and saying nasty things… Thankfully I’ve never been on the receiving end of any of it, but it doesn’t paint a very good picture of our community as a whole.

Yes, I’ve heard about the drama but like you, I tend to stay well shot of it. So, You write a lot about the different countries and cultures you’ve visited on your blog, do you ever feel the pressure to book your next trip?

Ahhh what a good question. Interestingly, I don’t tend to feel pressure to book my next trip from the blog side of things, it’s more from my everyday personal life! It’s become quite a thing that I’m always off doing things and seeing new places so people always ask what I’m doing next. So, when I don’t have anything planned I really feel I ought to, it’s what I’ve become known for. Thankfully I don’t feel the pressure to always have new travel content for my blog specifically or that could become a really expensive hobby! But, if any travel companies are reading this and want to send me on a round the world trip just for blogging purposes, I am 10000% up for it.  

As you’re my first blogger I’m collaborating with this year, I have to ask, what are your goals for 2019?

I’ve actually written a post allllll about my goals for 2019 because I made quite a few of them this year. I graduate from uni this summer. So top of my list of things for this year is finding and getting a career I love. It’s going to be so weird to leave education after all these years. Having a job I enjoy will definitely make that transition so much easier!

Another of my goals for this year is to run a 10k. I used to be really into running and ran many a 5k but I haven’t done any running at alllll recently. So, to get back into it, I thought I’d set myself the goal of running a 10k because there’s no way I could do one without some practice first! A win win if you ask me. One of my other goals for this year is to hit 10k on Instagram. It’s a very big ask but something I’d love to make happen! I know it’s not all about the numbers but to me that would be a massive achievement, it’s such a big round number!

A bit of a controversial question. What are your opinions on the “day one/ the OG’S of the blogger world”. Zoe, Alfie, Louise Pentland, Marcus Butler and how do you think they’ve influenced the industry?

I used to watch all four of them back in the day and loved their content, Zoe in particular. I used to love her Primark hauls and drugstore beauty favourites as they were things I could go out and buy for myself. However, as with any industry, with success comes money, and in their case, a lot of it. Which, whilst is absolutely nothing to knock, they’re businessmen and women after all, sort of removes them from the content they once made. Zoe is inundated with gorgeous luxury PR samples and can afford to buy from any site on the internet – it’s not quite the Primark hauls we all knew and loved, is it? I also think that bloggers/content creators/influencers need to remember that people look up to them and some will take their word as gospel. So, I think they need to be very careful about the things they say, promote and create (ahem, that advent calendar and that £1 a day video).

What would you say is the one misconception about the blogging industry?

I think the one misconception about the blogging industry is how quickly people think accounts can grow/blow up. I don’t think people quite realise the amount of time it takes to build up a substantial engaged following and all the other work that comes along with it. Yes, some people are lucky, get shouted out by a ‘bigger’ blogger and grow massively overnight. For most people, however, that isn’t the case and these things take a long ol’ time. It’s not something that only takes a few weeks, it takes a lot of time and effort and this definitely isn’t appreciated enough!

Thank you for collaborating with me! It’s been lovely getting to know a bit more about you, I just wanted to say I really enjoyed your Blogmas. If you’re like me and can’t quite let go of Christmas have a read of Becca’s Blogmas Series. Even though we’re almost in Febuary. 


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