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Becoming mum #breastfeeding

Becoming mum #breastfeeding


Get ready for leaky boobs, milking machine, tears of joy talk.


I’d be lying if I said breastfeeding came completely naturally for me. It has defiantly been something both myself and Arthur have had to learn. I feel so grateful that there is so much professional help avaliable. The midwives at the birth centre were so supportive and helped loads. I also went to a breastfeeding clinic for guidence. Mainly just to find out if having leaky dodgy taps for boobs was normal… When I say leak I mean soak through two breast pads ON ONE BOOB, my bra and almost through to my top?!


I always new I wanted to breastfeed. It was something I really looked forward to, the same way I looked forward to experiencing birth. Sounds strange doesn’t it, I looked forward to pushing a human out of my vagina, but it’s true. I did. However the difference being I got so much “advice” about how painful birth CAN be, yet no one told me about how breastfeeding can actually hurt. I honestly wasn’t expecting it. It was a painful, yes, but a pain I could endure. Even when it was really sore and I had cracked nipples, it didn’t put me off as the joy I got out of it outwayed the pain.


For new mums, I would seriously reccomend breastfeeding clinics as they are filled of women in the same position. The midwives running them know their shit and give some incredible advice! Just 5 mins talking to the specialist midwife, I felt I could feed any baby that came my way! Don’t worry, I haven’t… and don’t actually intend to.


It’s a wonderful feeling to see your child grow because of the food your body makes for him.


Now, please let me just say, in no way do I disagree with bottle feeding. FED IS BEST. Breastfeeding Arthur was a choice I made, for me and my little family it was the best decision. Every family has choices so pick the one that suits yours best.


Over the past few weeks I’ve learnt more about the human body, than I ever did in my biology classes at school. When it came to science I had the attnetion span of a nat! It’s amazes me how your body produces the right type of milk your baby needs for a particular time in the day or for the different stages in your baby’s life.


Breastfeeding has taught me to put more trust in my body. I have to trust that it is producing enough milk for Arhtur to grow and develop. You can never tell how much your baby is getting every time they feed. Sometimes they may feed for what seems like ages and then want more only 30 mins later, they could just be thirsty or maybe they just didn’t get enough the first time. There are so many more aspects when breastfeeding as you’re almost doing it blind.


When Arthur was born he was 6lb 8oz, at 17 days he was already 7lb 7oz after dropping down to 6lb 2oz a couple of days after birth. It felt like such an achievement. I had provided enough milk for him for him to grow and develop.


Am I just a milking machiene?! 

Waking up in puddles of your own milk. Feeling sticky and smelly. Crying because you’ve soaked through your last clean bra. YET AGAIN! Getting jeleous of your mum and partner because your son is so incredibly calm in their arms yet when he’s with you he sniffs out the milk like a blood hound.


The above are all things that have left me feeling like a milking machiene.


People spoke to me about how much they loved their pregnancy/breastfeeding boobs. I do not. I have to live in bra’s as my boobs just leak the entire time. Thank goodness for soothing bra’s, yes they’re a thing.


Breastfeeding in public. 


I have shocked myself with how normal I have found just waking my boobs out in front of complete strangers. As soon as Arthur was born, my breasts switched from being a sexual attraction to being a food supply.


I no longer see them as being an attractive part of my body but more of a way to feed my baby boy. This light switch that was suddenly turned on in my mind, has helped when it came to feeding Arthur in public for the first time. I just didn’t care. I didn’t notice anyone look, snigger, make tutting noises as all I was focused on was feeding Arthur.


Breastfeeding has been a journey. An amazing one. But not with out its hurdles. Like anything in life.



Much Love 




  1. Kat April 15, 2018 / 9:25 pm

    I think that this is a really great, honest post. I’m so glad there has been wonderful support for you!

    • Holly
      April 25, 2018 / 3:42 pm

      There has been some great support. Thank you I always like to be as honest as I can. Honesty is the best policy for me.


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