Welcome to Hey,its ok. My names Holly, I’m 22 and live in a flat with my boyfriend Jack in the beautiful garden of England, Kent.

I started this blog as a way of sharing my many passions; travel, cooking and well, talking. You may also see a few posts about general life, lets call this, “Hey,its OK” category. Starting this blog for me wasn’t a quick decision, I thought about it long and hard and read A LOT of blogs. I love reading Blogs. They are great for finding that new fabulous product that ACTUALLY WORKS, a ‘pick me up’ when I’m feeling a bit rubbish and for me, very inspirational.

As you may of already guessed I’m a bit of chatter box and I guess this is another reason I wanted to start a blog so I had an outlet for my busy mind. If I’m honest sometimes even I drive myself crazy with my own thoughts running wild in my mind, so I can only imagine how my boyfriend and friends feel. So I created this blog in hope that I can share my ideas and thoughts here, lets hope I don’t drive anyone who actually reads my blog crazy too!

H x