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A Day In The Life – (1/52)

I was introduced to this lovely link-back blog post by my gorgeous friend Tanita from Just-Motherhood. I thought it was a great way to capture what may seem the most Muniain of days yet see the beauty in them. “As of course each day may not be good but there is good in everyday”. 

I thought I’d do my first Living Arrows post on a little day in the life of Arthur and I. 

Since going back to full-time work, but working nights, I’ve felt more grateful for my days with Arthur than ever before. Not every mother or parent for that matter is able to look after their children each day as well as work. It’s not always easy, of course, there are days when I’d love just some peice and quiet. But, it’s days like today that just have me feeling so grateful. 

Living Arrows

So how does our day start

Arthur wakes about 6:30/7am and if he’s had enough sleep I’m usually woken by the sound of him blowing bubbles and chatting to himself. It’s such a lovely sound. I often leave him for a while, whilst my brain engages enough to open my eyes… I’m not and probably never will be a morning person. If I had it my way an 8am start would be just about acceptable. Even then it would still take at least half an hour, a coffee and some breakfast for me to properly feel awake. 

We then make our way downstairs and the kettle goes on, toys come out. Usually, Arthur just follows me to the kitchen sitting by the gate whilst I make a tea and get his breakfast ready. It takes me a while to get going in the mornings. One thing I’ve learnt since having Arthur is not to sit down. If I stop and sit down first thing, I’m about as productive as a 15 year old boy, hating everything but wanking, his x box and sleeping. As Arthur’s moods can go either two ways. Him being incredibly clingy and not wanting to leave my side for more than a min. Or he’s totally happy to play by himself, potter around exploring.

On a good day, I’ll have the washing done, dishwasher loaded and unloaded. Whipped the Hoover round once or twice and the floor mopped. 

Or… there’s the other mornings. I’ve got a small yet HEAVY tired wingy Arthur on my hip. I’ve just about managed to clear away his breakfast and put a wash on…The kitchen is still in a shambles and I’m knackered. It’s not even 8:30 am… pass me the gin!!

Living Arrows

Arthur then usually goes down for his morning nap at about 9/9:30. I usually give him around 6oz of formula milk. We have a little snuggle then I pop him in his cot with his milk. He usually drifts off after a while, every now and then I have to go in and settle him. But he is getting better and better at taking himself off which I’m so proud of. I actually wrote a blog post all about how to find a routine that works for you and your family. Find out ours <here>.

Going back to work

Since going back to work and doing night shifts I usually find myself sleeping when Arthur sleeps. But on the days I feel more alive and less like something out of the walking dead, I’ll grab the opportunity to sit down write, film and edit a video. I catch up on any jobs that need doing around the house. Any other mum find that housework is just never ending?! This is a little bit of me-time.

I love my blog and since starting Youtube I’ve found a real love of editing. Although lately my blog and YouTube have taken a back seat, I know it’s a passion I never want to let die. I have some amazing friends around me. They know how much it means to me and are constantly encouraging me to keep going with it. There’s an amazing quote I love, “if you can’t go a day without thinking about it, don’t let a day go by without doing it.”

Our afternoons

It’s now about 11:30 and I can hear a faint sound of a little bubba blowing bubbles over the baby monitor. I often just sit and smile to myself for a few moments as I just love hearing this sound when he wakes from a nap. To me it’s a sign that he’s had a good sleep and is happy. I then go up to him and we have a chat. Depending on what we’re doing for the rest of the day I would either make his lunch whilst he plays or pop him straight into his high chair ready for something to eat. 

Weening Arthur has been one hell of a journey. We started at 4 months old as he was just so hungry I could tell he was ready. I think every child is different and the parents know their child best so go with your gut. Arthur is usually quite a good eater but he does have those days when he just refuses everything. On those days, I feel like throwing it all out the window! It honestly is so disheartening when you’ve put in the effort for a meal you know (or so you thought) your child would like and then he turns his nose up. Allas, we keep trying, tomorrow he’ll decide it’s his favorite again and wolf it down! 

Living Arrows

Today, was such a beautiful day, I knew I just had to get outside to enjoy it. I decided we drive to Maidstone and go for a walk round mote park. It was just stunning! Since Arthur’s been on the move I like to encourage him to walk as much as he can. So out of the buggy he got and we took a slow walk around the park. He would stop to take a break to pick up sticks and look around. There was a moment when I was encouraging him to keep walking that I looked around and thought. MY GOD! I AM ONE LUCKY WOMAN. I’ve been able to go to work, earn my own money, contribute to the household financially and still be there for my son in the day. Have the pleasure of watching him play outside. Be there to encourage these milestones. 

Despite being one of the most Mundane days. It was one I will not forget in a hurry. 

Remember to stop and take a step back and look at what’s right in front of you. Slow down and remember what you have. 

Living Arrows

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  1. Claire February 28, 2019 / 11:05 am

    Love this! I have done #happydays for 4 years now and I love stopping to reflect on the day to find the good in each day. Really makes you see how wonderful life is!

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