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5 Ways to style a T-shirt in Autumn/Winter

Autumn has given my wardrobe a new lease of life. Now the colder months are creeping up on us faster than 2009 Usain Bolt, I’m finding myself wanting to reach for my jumpers, hoodies and jeans. But how basic is that?!


Of course, jumper and jeans have their place in our closets but wearing them every day can start to make us feel like a bundle of wool.


Something I like to do every now and then is raid my wardrobe and start piecing together outfits.


As I’m still breastfeeding comfort and convenience is still high on the tick list when styling outfits. The Milky Tee Company do such a gorgeous range of breastfeeding T-shirts that I just had to include them this season.


You may be thinking, “a t-shirt in Winter? Holly, are you mad?!”. Let me convince you.



I fell in love with this outfit from the moment I put it on. There’s is nothing quite wearing something that makes your best-self shine through. Although I am becoming a lot busier with my blog and youtube channel, working with different brands and on more projects, I wouldn’t quite yet class myself as a working mum. However, this outfit makes me feel like a total boss Mumma!


Mum or not, I think this is a style we could all pull off when attending a meeting or heading into the office mid-week. It’s that perfect mix between smart sophistication and keeping warm in the Winter months.


I just love the way these mustard trousers bring out the metallic gold in the Mutha Tee.


Although the trousers are the biggest statement in this outfit, accessories are key. Pulling in a basic chunky cardigan with a belt really helps accentuate your waist as well as creating that smarter look whilst staying cosy. Adding this checked scarf from New Look and this gorgeous burgundy floppy hat, which is actually old forever 21, really finishes off the entire look.


Sometimes Less is More




Although I love a well thought out, put together, outfit. We haven’t always got time for that. Don’t we all wish we had more time? 


The Teddy coat has come back as strong as Craig David. It made an appearance back in Winter 2017, however, I wasn’t convinced. Much like Craig David, perhaps the Teddy coat wasn’t your cup of tea last Winter, but now you can’t stop wearing it. This is me.


You might be thinking that simply pairing a T-shirt and jeans is too cold for this time of year. Let me reassure you that these T-shirts are such good quality that they keep you warm without having to add extra layers. I was shocked when I went out in this. It was a chilly day, the temperature had suddenly dropped but simply popping my favourite Teddy over the Coffee and Concealer Tee was enough to keep me warm for a little walk with Arthur.


Ok, if I was out watching Jack play football or watching the fireworks of an evening I would pop an extra layer on. There’s nothing worse than being cold and not having anything to warm you up.


The Check Trend


Becoming a mum is hard enough. For a while you don’t fit in your pre-mum clothes, you have all kinds of stains down pretty much every item, you just don’t feel like YOU.


The check trend is everywhere at the moment. Having a bad case of FOMOS (fear of missing out syndrome) when it comes to A LOT of “on trend” items, this was one trend I couldn’t bypass. As most shirts are usually quite thin, not to mention having to faff around with the buttons when your baby has just woken from a nap min-coffee. Great timing Arthur (gives a gentle eye roll). Pairing a check shirt with one of the Milky Tee plain T-shirts is a great way to stay on-trend and not sacrifice that comfort and convenience factor.


Swapping your everyday mum jeans for some sexy wet look leggings and pairing them with some sassy mid heel ankle boots really finishes off the outfit.

The balloon sleeved Cardigan

Home days. That day’s when there is just way too much to do around the house that you barely get out of the house to even walk to the shops. I think we can all relate to that image of dirty dishes piled up to be washed. The sound of the washing machine spinning for the third time that day. The To-Do list that never seems to get smaller. Am I right?


On these day’s comfort is a necessity. I have never been the one to spend all day in my pyjama’s and I haven’t quite yet got on board with the loungewear trend. A comfy T-shirt, Jeans and cosy balloon sleeved cardigan is just the right amount of comfort for me. I still feel put together and stylish yet it’s an easy outfit to wear for a day at home.


These T-shirts are so cosy, and soft. Not to mention easy accesses for when you have to take a break from the washing to feed your bubba.


Animal print



Animal prints are everywhere this season and I was NOT going to by-pass this trend. Snake print and leopard print are huge this Autumn/Winter so you have options. If you don’t like one style try wiggling your bottom in another.


I love this outfit. When you become a mum, losing your identity is something I believe we all go through. We give ourselves without question to someone else. Breastfeeding mum’s, we give our bodies to someone else, daily without stopping to think.


When you become a mum, losing your identity is something I believe we all go through. We give ourselves without question to someone else.


You SHOULD feel good. You deserve to hold onto that pre-mum you!


Stepping into an outfit that gives you that pre-mum feeling is something that can bring back that lost identity. Pairing the ‘Bossing it’ Tee with this gorgeous leopard print skirt from Silk Fred, leather jacket and finishing it off with this cosy checked scarf means I can hold onto that pre-mum Holly without sacrificing convenience.


These T-shirts are so easy to wear in so many different outfits and they make breastfeeding when out and about easier. Even when you find yourself coming to the end of your breastfeeding journey, the zip’s are so discreet that you can continue to wear the T-shirts without feeling like you’re still in that “maternity” faze.


Much Love



You can grab your own breastfeeding tee from The Milky Tee website. Here >Milky Tee Website<


  1. Daisy Ashcroft November 7, 2018 / 7:46 pm

    I love this!! I always need inspiration for A/W clothes as I feel so restricted to just “jumper and jeans/jumper and dress/jumper coat and 2 ski jackets”, but I feel like now I can get the soft tees back out and style them up for the colder days! Thanks gal xx

    • Holly
      November 8, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      Defiantly! So glad you took some inspiration from this post xx

  2. Samantha November 7, 2018 / 11:17 pm

    Wow Holly, you look absolutely gorgeous and I love the way you’ve styled the tees, especially the bossing it outfit. You’d never know these were breastfeeding t-shirts!! I’d quite like one myself (and I’m definitely no longer breastfeeding)!

    • Holly
      November 8, 2018 / 2:35 pm

      That’s why I love them. I really felt so frumpy in maternity wear and was sick of it. I didn’t want to continue to feel that way but I also wanted to breastfeed these were a lifesaver and when I put my stylist head on I was able to create some good looks If I say so myself aha. They’re a great quality T-shirt too, I’m definitely going to continue wearing mine after I stop. xx

  3. Chloe November 7, 2018 / 11:25 pm

    Love how you’ve styled your outfits!!! I’ve got a yellow bobble cardigan and you’ve made me want a pink one now! 😍🙌🏼

    • Holly
      November 8, 2018 / 2:36 pm

      I love a bobble cardigan so cute! xx

  4. Becca November 8, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE those yellow trousers – I need to get myself a pair ASAP!


    • Holly
      November 15, 2018 / 2:03 pm

      They’re great aren’t they! They were newlook but in the sale for £5! Bargain

      Much Love
      H x

  5. Em November 11, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    Love how you’ve styled these pieces! I’m so bad at sticking to my same old same old this time of year so this is fab – also you definitely wouldn’t be able to tell these are breastfeeding tees – such a fab idea! xx

    • Holly
      November 15, 2018 / 2:07 pm

      Thank you lovely! I can really effect my mood when I just wear the same thing through out Winter. I feel it’s already enough with the darker/shorter days that dammen our spirits I don’t need that in my wardrobe too aha. xx

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