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5 ways to style a slogan breastfeeding Tee

5 ways to style a slogan breastfeeding Tee

Let’s get straight into it shall we. Slogan Tee’s have been in the lime light for just over a year now, but since January 2018 they have sky rocketed, virtually seeing every vlogger/blogger/influencer wearing them.


Personally I am thrilled as there is nothing easier than wearing a Tee and jeans and feeling like you are totally bossing that latest trend.


However, being a mum who has chosen to breastfeed, hoisting up that t-shirt in public and showing your mum tum, not that there is anything wrong with a mum tum. Let’s learn to own it! Talking to all mummies out there we carried a child for 9 months, a mum tum is a badge of honer. Anyway I digress… BUT it’s all a bit too much on show for sipping my coffee in my local coffee shop.


So, I was absolutely over the moon to find The Milky Tee.Company! Lauren, the mum of two gorgeous girls, the mumma genius behind The Milky Tee T-shirts, has come up with a design that is not only stylish but super easy to breast feed your baby.



I fell in love with the design of the T-shirts as they didn’t look at all “mummsie”. All of the designs have a cute slogan on them, a lot of them relating to motherhood but some that I feel could be worn post breast-feeding.


Although I said there is nothing like chucking on a slogan tee and pair of your favourite jeans, this isn’t what we want to wear 24/7. So Lauren and I have come up with 5 different ways to style your slogan tee.


Ladies who lunch


The first time I saw this look was on a fellow blogger, Hannah Gale. She has been rocking the T-shirt and pleated skirt look for a while now. It has been something I was nervous to wear as it’s a little out of my comfort zone.


However, I absolutely love this look. Perfect for lunching with your girlfriends, or a more realistic vision, sitting in soft play, drinking coffee and feeding your baby whist another mum runs to save her child from being an early dare-devil and leaping off the largest slide!


You may be thinking, isn’t this a little much for soft play. I say, DEFINITELY NOT! Own it. If your children aren’t at the age where you have to chase them through the place, embrace that stylish mumma look.



Dungarees are defiantly something that have entered 2018 with a big impact. Especially for mums. They are so easy and simple to wear, yet look so effortlessly cool.


However, if you are a breastfeeding mum you may feel like they are little bit fiddly especially when your baby wakes from a 3 hour nap absolutely ravenous! You want to feed your baby as quickly and easily as possible.


OH LADIES! You are going to be thanking the heavens for bringing the Milky Tee into your life! No fiddling needed. Just unzip the T-shirt and pop your baby on your boob and there you have it. You don’t even need to un-do your dungaree straps. Happy baby, Happy mummy.


Festival vibes

I know what you’re thinking. “Why would I take my baby to a festival”. Well in actual fact there are so many baby/family friendly festivals these days, that are not only filled with yummy food, great music and great energy, but also have fantastic safe activities for your children.


So, with these day trips in mind, I have the perfect festival outfit for you that is breastfeeding friendly.


Accessories are key here.


I’ve paired the black, gold printed Mutha t-shirt, with this ripped denim skirt, tassel earrings, which I can never live without!, my black and yellow headband and these awesome ray ban dupe sunglasses. Then to finish the look off these awesome ankle boots that just scream festival vibes!



Feeling pretty in floral

I absolutely love this look. At first I wasn’t sure about the burgundy hat with a black and pink floral skirt. BUT IT TOTALLY WORKS!


There is something to be said about being a little bit daring. With this outfit I am totally out of my comfort zone. The mini floral skirt isn’t something I’d usually wear but 2018 is all about exploring new styles for me.


I’m here to show you that stepping out of your comfort zone, looking good and breaking those “mum look” rules doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice practicality.


Pairing this floral mini skirt with black Coffee + Concealer slogan tee, makes this look effortlessly stylish and practical.

Mums night out

Milky Tee.Co Collaboration

As mum’s, me-time is hard to come by. Going out is even harder.


However, when we do get the opportunity to let our hair down, when breastfeeding, you still need to take time out of your night to be able to express milk to stop those breasts from exploding!


I can see it now, sitting in the toilet cubicle in just my undies with a breast pump attached.


With this outfit, that can be a distant memory. By pairing the white “bossing it” Tee with a leather mini skirt, some killer heels and a pair of sassy earings you can go out, have fun and not have to worry about sitting in the toilet cubicle in your undies pumping.


What more could you ask for?


Ok, maybe David Beckham serving you drinks all night, we can only dream.


Much Love



*Disclaimer* This post is a paid collaboration with The Milky Tee.Co, all photos are taken and edited by Abby Davies, however all words and editorial additions to this post are my own. I only work with companies that suit me and my blog and that I genuinly love.

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  1. Aimee August 5, 2018 / 8:14 pm

    Love all the different looks you can create with these, will definitely be getting some of these for my next bubba!!! Great post Hollster!!

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