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Becoming mum #5 things I do with my baby everyday

Becoming mum #5 things I do with my baby everyday

I feel like I haven’t done a #becomingmum post in a while. So here is a fresh one for you all.


Since having Arthur, OHH HEY! Remeber that phrase, I think I use it in every single blog post, need to widen my vocabulary I think, LOL.


Anyway, since he’s come along there have been a few things that we do together each day.


Before we go any further this is not a “routine” type post, I think if one more person tells me to get Arthur into a routine I will punch them. Every time I try a development leap comes along and it all goes out the window, so yeah this is not a routine post.


These are just things I do with him each day, purely for his benefit & hey, it’s fun.



I read to him


Reading to children is so important, it broadens their vocabulary, helps them make sense of the world, helps with concentration, develops their imagination and helps them develop empathy. There are so many more reasons to read to your child but mainly I do it because he enjoys it and so do I.


I’ve read to Arthur basically every day since he was born, obviously the first few weeks he didn’t engage with the pictures but he found comfort in my voice and hearing the voices I’d make up for the characters. As he’s gotten older he has started engaging a lot more with the pictures and voices, he smiles and coo’s as I read to him. It’s the best

I sing to him


Singing is another way to help your child’s overall development, especially their speech. Singing nursery rhymes helps them learn words just like reading. However, the difference between reading and singing nursery rhymes is that they often repeat words this helps children remember the words they’ve already learnt/heard.


I often place Arthur between my knees and sing to him, until he gets sick of my voice and wants to do something else, feed or sleep. Pretty sure he’s the only human on earth who likes my singing. I know this won’t last forever so I’m embracing every second.


We chat


I must look like a crazy woman walking around the supermarket talking about what I’m going to buy and cook for the week, I hope they can tell I’m in fact talking to my baby boy. In fact, we don’t ever stop talking. Over the last few weeks/past couple of months, he’s started to chat back to me. I don’t mean actual words, I mean coo’s ahh’s and other little sounds.


I rock him to sleep

This boy likes to be bounced. I feel as if I have shot myself in the foot a little. Throughout my pregnancy, I exercised for at least 20 mins 4-5 times per week. In my lunch breaks at work, I would walk up and down the stairs. Just to keep moving and stay healthy. I believe it benefitted my birth experience HUGELY!


The thing is, now he LOVES to be rocked to sleep.


We play

Something not a lot of you will know about me is that I was a nursery practitioner for about 3 years and a nanny for 2 years. I looked after mainly 2-5 year olds, sometimes older. The one age group I wanted to study/learn about and look after is babies. I’ve always wanted to be there for their first milestones. They intrigued me. How they always look so fascinated by things we adults often take for granted.


So now I am over the moon I have my chance to learn and help my very own baby boy learn about the world through play. A gorgeous Mumma/blogger Lara from know your nutri introduced me to an amazing app called “the wonder weeks”. This app clocks when your baby is about to go through a developmental leap. It tells you what they are learning at that point in time and how you can help them.


We often play with patterns, sensory balls, pieces of material, lights and more. All depending on what he’s learning at that point. He loves it and I am so pleased he is started to smile and coo when we play.


If you’re a new mum the wonder weeks is a game changer


Find out more about the wonder weeks <here>.


I hope you have all enjoyed this little post. Being a mum is a dream come true for me, the lows and the highs.


If you’re a mum reading this, I’d love to know your favourite things to do with your baby/babies.


Much Love

H&A x

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