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5 mum-hacks you need to know

5 mum-hacks you need to know

When do you stop being a “new mum” and start being a fully fledged mum boss? 

I’ve been listening to a few podcasts over the past week, some mum-related some not. One in particular really hit home with me. It was an episode of GET IT DONE BUSINESS MUM and they were discussing feeling overwhelmed, minimization mindset and how to basically simplify your life as a mum aswell as a mum who works. 

Right at the begining, they started to talk about this Super Woman persona that a lot of mums, I know I do, take on. 

I talk a lot on my blog about being positive and manifesting things into your life. And how you can achieve anything you want to, if you just believe in yourself. This is all something I still stand strong by. However, there’s a point where you have to be realistic within yourself. 

Be your own version of Superwoman, because there is defianlty one inside us all, they just look a little different. 

Find YOUR OWN balance

I knew long before having Arthur, long before I was even pregnant that the mum competitiveness is everywhere. Why? 10 months in and I still don’t get it. Every mother is proud of their child, but not every mother know’s the right way to say it. Don’t take it personally, if someone really does say to you “you should be more like Sally, Sally is calm and that makes Freddy calm”  then tell them to DO ONE! 

I speak about this a lot on my social media and on here but it’s so true. We’re all different, we all experience life differently, we each have different capabilities. 

When it comes to being a mum, finding your own balance is tricky as babies and children are constantly changing. However, it’s not impossible. First things first, STOP BLOODY COMPARING YOURSELF! I spoke about this before in a previous blog post, #Becomingmum Let’s talk about mum guilt, but its true, comparing your life to someone else is such a waste of time. Create your own balance. 

For example, some mum’s may feel like they can go months on end without a night out or day off. However, some mum’s may feel like they need to take time out every weekend. Not one mum is better than the other. That’s the truth you have to learn to reassure yourself with. You are doing what’s best for you and your family. You’ve found your balance. 


Photo taken from Pinterest
Photo taken from Pinterest 

You’re probably thinking, what the hell? How is this a mum hack. But bare with me… 

Ikea furniture is THE best way to hide all the toy’s and “junk”... I mean amazing inventions and masterpieces that your children come up with. 

Not only is IKEA pretty cheap.. so you never have to worry too much about them coloring all over your £8000 antique coffee table, but you can transform your living room from looking like Santa dropped his entire sack (SO NOT A UPHANISUM)  on your floor, into an “Insta-show home” within a matter of minutes. 

Don’t just hide the mess, decorate it. You can be that one step closer to having the Pinterest perfect house you’ve always dreamed of. Go out and treat yourself to a few new houseplants, dig out those HomeSense soft furnishings and pop them on the top shelves… way out of reach of little hands. 

Throw away all expectations 

After reaching out to other mums, searching the “world wide web” for all the best tips and advice that a mother would require to raise a young human… it became pretty clear to me that there isn’t a glass slipper. And there certainly is no Cinderella. 

However, there was one tip that kept on re-accruing… That tip was to throw away all expectations you ever had on what motherhood would be like.

I remember before having Arthur what I hoped I would be like as a mother and yes, some of those aspirations I defiantly have fulfilled but other expectations have been completely shattered.

So isn’t it ovbious to just throw away all expectations and in the words of my lovely friend Zara, from Mother Bird Blog…

Rise, Shine and Take One Day at a Time

Your sink is not just for washing your dishes. 

Food everywhere. Poo everywhere. Messy play…everywhere. 

This is pretty much how life with Arthur goes. He, like me, is not afraid to get stuck in and get messy. 

Every meal time ends up looking like we’ve just taken part in La Tomatina the worlds biggest food fight. This is usually followed by Arthur bursting through his nappy as he’s just finished his first ever vindaloo. 

Trying to use wet wipes or clothes just isn’t an option as, like most children, Arthur fricken hates it and is quite liturally a wiggly worm. 

This is where your sink starts to become more than just for washing your dishes, it becomes your second bathroom… I have done many emergency hose downs in my kitchen sink. Parent police, before you charge me, I do “hinch” my sink every day. 

Choose the advice that best suits you & your baby

When I put the question “What are your best mum hacks” to Instagram there were so many I wouldn’t have been able to fit them all into this post… But let’s face it ‘un-asked for advice as a parent is the most irritating thing anyone could possibly give to you. 

So to finish off this advice/tips post I’m gonna leave you with a very ironic statement.

Take the advice you want and leave the rest. 

BUT just to be super contiverial here are the tips some AMAZING mumma’s have left me:

  • Be kind to yourself 
  • Use the block system by Jordan Page 
  • Don’t have a to-do list so when you get things done it’s a bonus, not just something you had to do. 
  • Hey Duggee and Peppa Pig 
  • Audiobooks will save your sanity 
  • Pre-made food in the fridge or freezer is a winner
  • A bottle before bed 
  • Get them used to a bottle early on
  • Be open about how your feeling 
  • You know best, trust yourself 
  • Take muslins everywhere 
  • Get yourself a good sling 
  • Rest is important so grab it when you can
  • Take the help that is offered when you need it
  • Celebrate the small victories

And that’s only half of it… Overwhelming huh? I hope that this post has provided you with something positive, be that a little laugh as you’re able to relate, some useful tips and advice, or just making you feel like you’re not alone in this crazy business we called motherhood. 

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  1. Tanita January 12, 2019 / 9:56 pm

    Agree with so much you have said here Holly! Such a great post. Yes we are all different and just need support rather then judgement. I think Finding your own balance is so important! And believing in yourself. I have learnt so much from becoming mum three times now. I am a different person now to who I was when I had Sophia. I am more confident in my decisions. xx

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