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4 Ways to style that sequin blazer dress this festive season

4 Ways to style that sequin blazer dress this festive season

The party season is here! I love Christmas… Just reminding you for the 50349 million time this year. The perfect time to sparkle with sequins. 

It’s always around this time of year that there is a huge pressure to spend a lot of money on “new” outfits, “new” presents and gifts and even “new” decorations. STOP! 

This is having  a devistating effect on our environment, I actually wrote a blog post on this last month, that you can read here.  Not to mention it’s also putting a massive rabbit hole in your bank account. And let me tell you, no Alice in Wonderland rabbit is going to pop out of it asking you for tea. 

So how do I look good, feel good and spend less over Christmas with the party season being so demanding? 

Look in your wardrobe.

Come on ladies. I know you’ve got it in you to out your entire wardrobe and put together something fabulous… but for 4 different occasions? Now that is a task. 

Before you start heading into Jamaji, aka “your wardrobe” ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you have a LBD?
  • Where are those work trousers?
  • Do you own a pair of classic black heels?
  • Dig out that classic christmas top you love but have worn 193984 times. 

 Hold on a minute… I’ve worn these all a million times. How can I turn up looking fabulous in the same outfits? or worse… MY WORK TROUSERS?

Say hello to your Angel gabrial, your shining star… The Vigan Mary herself. 


If you’ve managed to tick off the list above then this is the only new item or dress you’ll be needing this Christmas. Simply adding this blazer to your outfits add’s that bit of sparkle you needed.

Bare all, but stay classy. Embrace your body and let the blazer do the talking. 

This blazer is from Missy Empire and was £50 but unfortunley has sold out. I’ve searched the internet up and down and managed to find a few shops that still do them… Missguided. Coco Boo Loves.

Asos of course also do a few sequin blazer dresses and blazers. 

Pop on some vibrant lipstick, red usually being the Christmas colour of choice. Some delecate long earings and some sassy stiletoes and there you have it… Your first Christmas party outfit.

Just call me Mrs.Christmas 

So you’ve now got to think of an outfit other than you comfy festive pyjama’s to host your annual Christmas party in… Your dear old nan is going to be there so the outfit above is out of the question, yet you’ve still got guests who will be showing up at 3 other events this month. 

Panic not. Mrs. Christmas is here to save the day. 

Remeber that festive top I was talking about? The one you’ve worn about 293942 times before… You know the one! GET IT OUT. 

Add some wet look leggings, those classic black heels, that sassy sequin blazer, and vaula! There you have the perfect hostess with the most-ess  christmas party outfit. 

Christmas Drinks 

FINALLY! The time has come to let your hair down with your ladies and get well and truly pickled on prosecco. 

Hold on… your phone is going wild with messages from everyone sharing their NEW outfits. But you haven’t got the money for a new outfit, and you can’t wear what you wore last year… because there’s bound to be a throwback picture from last year.  “THAT’S IT IM NOT GOING.”

WOW. Before you get the hump and send that text, take a deep breath… IN… and…OUT. Right, remember I asked you where your work trousers were? Well, dig them out and put them on! 

Add a cute little bralette, if you’re nervous about those bar nibbles and possible  McDonalds on the way home and you’d feel more comfortable with your belly covered, then add a lacey body suit instead or a body suit you already have… Your all in one spanks will do. Finish the look off with you sequin blazer, your classic black heels and a clutch bag of your choice. 

No one will even know you’re wearing the same trousers you’ve worn for the past 5 days. 

Work’s Christmas party

At last. The day has come when you’ve finished work for the Christmas period… You no longer have to see negative nancy and deal with Pauline the prude…Why not celebrate with a glass of bubbly, or five, (always drink responsibly) and your work bestie at the Christmas do.

You want to impress that Christian Grey look-a-like in HR but you’ve spent all your money on Christmas presents and having one to many at all the other shin-digs this month… F**K! 

Don’t panic. Go classy and classic with the LBD. Pop over your shoulder your sequin blazer, add some sultry stilettos (or knee-high boots) and go get your man girlfriend! 


Well done girl. You’ve managed to create four perfect Christmas outfits from just one new item. Keeping your purse purely for getting merry with friends and family and saving the planet too. 

Much Love 


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  1. Samantha December 12, 2018 / 6:44 pm

    You’re such a girl after my own heart. Girl you look stunning! Especially in that little bralet top! All those workouts paying off by the look of it! I love a bit of sparkle for a Christmas outfit but I’m with you on this, why spend if you don’t need to. I’ve got a doo to go to next weekend but I’m not buying a new outfit, I’ll look in my wardrobe and find something like you have and just style it differently.

    Fab post and gorgeous pics! x

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