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3 ways to style those elegant pleated trousers

3 ways to style those elegant pleated trousers


3 ways to style

Oh hey! Sorry for the radio silence on my blog recently. My Nana is over from New Zealand and the last couple of weeks I’ve been prepping for our first family holiday as well as spending some quality time with my Nana. OH YEAH… and Jack has fucked every crucial ligament in his knee so been a little bit busy in the Peach/Watkins household.


But I’M BACK BABY! and with another fashion post for you.


Sorry not sorry for all of these clothes I’ve been purchasing lately. Having lived in maternity leggings that make you look like you should have a giant pair of balls between your legs due to the saggy crotch and stretch strappy tops because they’re probably the most comfortable thing as my boobs grew to the size of two cantaloupe melons! I think it’s about bloody time I treated myself to some new clothes that fit me properly.


I did a big order about a month ago from SHIEN and brought these gorgeous blue trousers. There’s is nothing more satisfying than buying something and being able to wear it to multiple occasions. In multiple different ways.


I love doing these post’s, as it gives me a headstart when knowing what to wear for different occasions. There’s nothing worse than when you’ve done the classic “I’ve got loads of time so I’ll sit scrolling through social media in my towel after a shower” and then realising that you actually have 15 mins to do hair, makeup and find something to wear.


Come on girls, y’know we’ve all done it.


#1 Date night

3 ways to style

I am absolutely loving this baggy shirt, off the shoulder, show a little cleavage type look at the moment. I’m currently hunting down some bargain so this look is easy to create. I wanted to make sure these trousers got to see a little nightlife. Yet we all know nightlife for me is often sitting in with a glass of wine watching Love Island. However, this outfit would be perfect for my baby free evenings with the girls when we head to a nice restaurant, eat loads of food and drink loads of wine!


I paired it with this white button down linen shirt, which is actually my mums but you can grab ones very similar from New Look (find one similar here). I would usually wear a little pair of heels or maybe some wedges with these trousers as they are a little bit long for my short legs.


#2 Lets Lady things up a bit

3 ways to style

A few weeks back now I did a post about 3 wedding guest outfits under £30, you can read it <here> if you fancy it. Anyway, after exploring the idea of actually NOT wearing the usual, nice dress heels and clutch bag, I knew I had to keep searching for those perfect wedding guest outfits.


So here it is. Yet another perfect outfit that would probably bag you that LADY title any day of the week.


I’ve paired the trousers with a silk, pinstriped blouse. It floats perfectly on top of the trousers and oooses class if you ask me. Not my usual style, but y’know sometimes I like to pretend I could be classes. Confession, I like to steal my mum’s wardrobe a lot of the time.I haven’t managed to find a dupe for you guys, I know, I know. Shoot me now! But I do think this white sleeveless blouse from ASOS would also go perfectly. Oh, and of course bag you that LADY title. If that’s what you’re after.


#3 Let’s go to the beach and buy ice cream

3 ways to style

This is the type of outfit I can see myself heading down to Whitstable for the day in. Eating ridiculous amounts of ice cream and just generally forgetting my worries.


That slogan Tee is everywhere at the moment and I can’t get enough of them! With this Tee, in particular, I feel I’m putting a little bit of positive energy into the world by saying “I am beautiful”. I picked up this tee from ROMWE, they have such a selection and they are great quality for such a bargain, I think this was only £6. The one thing I would say with ROMWE is always going a size up than you usually are. I am a size 8-10 (M) and I got this in a Large.


If you fancy picking yourself up one of this little bargain, slogan tee’s just click <here>.


This outfit is probably one of my favourites as it’s very casual yet stands out from my everyday slogan tee and jeans.


Much Love




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  1. Samantha July 11, 2018 / 10:07 pm

    My favourite is the date night stylie! Those trousers definitely make a statement. I really like them and the colour is perfect. Love how you’ve styled them. Fab post!

    Samantha x

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