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3 ways to style Jumpers this season


Tis’ the season to be warm and cosy. Jumpers have never been my favourtie item in my wardrobe. I always feel  so sluggish and boring when I wear the basic jumper and jeans combo. That’s not to say I dislike it on anyone else. Of course, the jumper and jeans look has it’s place.


This year I’ve decided to step outside my comfort zone when it comes to my wardrobe. In fact when it comes to my life… but I’m not about to get all deep with you guys at the beginning of a style post… That would just be rude now wouldn’t it.


Thinking outside the basics and steping into some new with this midi skirt and jumper look.

Lately, I’ve been wiggling my bum into new pieces, one of them being midi skirts. I always thought that my calfs looked like just that, baby cows, when wearing midi skirts. I know, I know… just slightly dramtic and if there is a body part to dislike thats a rather odd one. Seriously though, it stopped me from actually purchasing one of those stunning midi skirts I had seen all over my Instagram.

I bet you wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the majority of this outfit was second hand?


Well, you know me boo, I’m always honest (and loyal)… said in the voice of Georgia from LOVE ISLAND 2018. Apart from the coat, this outfit is all second hand.


I’ve been really trying to think before I buy and consider my cotton footprint. If you’re wondering what the hell I’m going on about then go and check out a post I wrote not long ago about how fast fashion is changing our world as we know it. READ IT HERE.


Basically, shopping charity shops doesn’t have to mean looking like your grandma, unless of course your grandma is a savvy stylish senorita.


50 shades of beige

I usually love to add colour into my wardrobe somewhere, but this season I much preffer the simpler shades. Black, Grey and Beige.


Always feeling ready to try something new when it comes to my wardrobe and insert those “on trend” pieces. When I saw these “I SAW IT FIRST” trousers I knew I had to have them. It was my first slice of the animal print trend and I am loving it!


Pairing them with these LOUD LOOK chunky trainers and this cosy I SAW IT FIRST beige jumper, really brings the outfit together for a more casual look. Then resting a camel double breasted jacket over your shoulders really add’s that chic, more put together, element to the entire outfit.


Winter Date night Ready

Let’s just admit it, winter is no longer coming, it’s here and it’s cold. So date nights are either in-doors or a lets freeze your bloody tits off occation.


I feel like I spend my life in doors since it’s been so bloody wet outside. So when Jack and I FINNNAALLLY! Get round to organising a date night for us both, I don’t want it to be indoors. Or at least not in the comfort of our own home.


My ideal date night would be either a fun activity that is not child friendly or a romantic meal for two… and actually get to eat a meal in piece.


But it’s freezing… So what the hell am I gonna wear?!

Usally, I wouldn’t wear a jumper out to a dinner date but when I put together this outfit I felt sexy, cosy and stylish all at the same time.


The jumper keeps me warm and cosy, the trousers add that element of style. However, topping off the outfit with some heels just makes me feel so much sexier.


So this Winter don’t just stay with your basic jeans and a jumper. SPICE UP YOUR LIFE, seriously…I think I’m gonna try and get a Spice Girls reference in every blog post.  Add some heels, grab those statement trousers and reach for your skirt.


Much Love





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