My favourite looks this spring

Hallelujah! Spring is finally here, despite it being still rather cold for April, but I’m gonna ignore this and dress as if the sun is shining and pretend like I can sit outside with tea… View Post

Hey,its ok: Break up special

  I haven’t done one of these posts in a while.. so I thought I would take the opportunity to do one about break ups. A life experience that I’m sure most of us can… View Post

Three Zara tops you need this spring

  So I’ve been thinking alot about what I want my blog to include and what I want it to portray, and if I’m honest the answer was simple and right in front of my… View Post

Lets talk: Jealousy

You’ll either be able to relate to this or you won’t. If you’ve never felt jealous before then maybe by reading this your mind will be opened to what it is like to feel jealous… View Post

Why you need a girls weekend in Barcelona

If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I’ve recently been to Barcelona for a cheeky little spring break. Ok not the real spring break but with spending each day at the beach… View Post