A catch up and explaining my absence in the blogging world

  Hi, its been a while. Where do I start. I think to be able to explain I’m going to have to be as honest as I can without getting too personal, I mean this… View Post

NYX tried and tested

The whole “haul” thing is new to me but I have to admit I LOVE IT! Come on, who doesn’t love spoiling themselves on more then one item of makeup and beauty products? Spoiling myself… View Post

The Blogger Recognition Award

When life seems to be going quite… well, shit. Someone lovely, in the form of a fabulous lady and lifestyle blogger Em tags your in the Blogger Recognition Award and suddenly life just is a… View Post

How to deal with spot prone skin

  This is a post I’ve wanted to write for a while now, but I have just made up every excuse up in the book not to just crack on and do it. If I’m… View Post

NYX Soft matte lip creams used for eyeshadow

You probably read the title and thought, “what on earth?” and I wouldn’t blame you but hear me out. It’s not just another crazy Holly moment, ok maybe it is a little but this time… View Post