Easy everyday make up

H A P P Y     S U N D A Y This was supposed to go up on Friday but unfortunately life gets difficult and in the way and my blog, much to my… View Post

Facing your Fear

  Hello again, Ok so I’ve been doing a few serious posts lately but they are all topics that have been playing on my mind so sorry if you are feeling like “hey,its ok” is… View Post

10 Ways to improve on your self confidence in 2017

Confidence is always a difficult subject for some. The word ‘confidence’ gets thrown around quite often almost as if you should automatically have it, as if you should automatically know how to become more confident,… View Post

Mouthwatering Mexican

About a month ago I was invited to the launch night of the fabulous new restaurant MEXIco, (I’ve not just made a slip of the finger with the whole caps, thats how they write it).… View Post

My best moments of 2016

H A P P Y    N E W   Y E A R !! As much as 2016 for some people hasn’t been the greatest, certainly not in the world of celebrities and politics… View Post